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Climate change pushes digital agriculture, over 2 billion invested

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Climate change pushes digital agriculture, over 2 billion invested

In 2022, investments for the digitization of the agricultural world exceeded two billion. The estimate by Fieragricolta Tech that closes today in Verona tells of exponential growth given that according to the Smart Agrifood Observatory five years ago the value of the agritech market was one hundred million. A research presented by Coldiretti highlights how «64% of farms have adopted at least one agriculture 4.0 solution, from drones to robots, from sensors to GPS, from satellite platforms to the internet of things «to combat climate change, save the environment, increase productivity and contain costs». The go-ahead from the government to the decree that allocates half a billion of Pnrr funds for innovation in the agricultural and food mechanization sector, one hundred of which for the modernization of mills, should allow for further acceleration. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida «with this decree we add another element to further improve the quality of production and reduce the environmental impact. We continue to work towards strengthening the Pnrr».

Fieragricola Tech, was born, at least according to Maurizio Danese, CEO of Verona Fiere «to offer the agricultural system continuity in the process of modernizing companies which sees a strong verticalisation of the agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, renewable energy, services, vineyard and orchard supply chains» . Innovations that can be made even with small investments. Tavelli again: «The level of investment for a small and medium-sized farm to switch to smart irrigation ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 euros, absolutely within the reach of companies, which can benefit from support measures within the development programs and of the 20% tax credit in 2023».

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