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Co-research and create a new height Redmi K60 series debuts top-level 2K Chinese screen

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Co-research and create a new height Redmi K60 series debuts top-level 2K Chinese screen

As the new year is approaching, Redmi has launched four new models in one fell swoop, instantly arousing the nerves of many rice fans. On the Redmi K60 Pro, which is positioned as the king of flagship performance, you can see all-round upgrades, including the powerful second-generation Snapdragon 8, the domestic top 2K screen jointly developed with TCL Huaxing, and the super battery life of 5000mAh. It is the flagship benchmark of the year.

On December 27, Redmi, a brand of Xiaomi Group, held a new year conference, officially releasing two new products of the K60 performance universe, Redmi K60 Pro and Redmi K60, as well as a new cup-shaped Redmi K60E and Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed ​​Edition, a total of four mobile phone products. And Redmi Watch 3, Redmi Band 2, Redmi Buds 4 Youth Edition three wearable products.

Redmi K60 Pro is positioned as the “king of flagship performance”, equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, and with the blessing of the self-developed “Rage Engine”, it realizes the “three non-drops” of the four top games: no brightness reduction, no picture quality reduction It has the largest 5000mm² VC in the history of Redmi, and the game experience surpasses the flagship of e-sports; it is equipped with the first flagship 2K direct screen co-created with China Star Optoelectronics, and the top hardware quality refreshes the new height of domestic screen; Xiaomi’s imaging capabilities are decentralized, using the same IMX800 main camera of the Mi 13, which can be called the strongest image of the K series; 5000mAh+120W wired flash charging+30W wireless charging, it is the first Redmi flagship phone that supports wireless charging.

Redmi K60 is positioned as the “strongest standard version”. With the blessing of Koubei God U’s first-generation Snapdragon 8+, “Rage Engine” and 5000mm² super large VC, the 3-hour average frame rate of “Yuan Shen” is 55.29 FPS without reducing brightness under high load . In addition, it also has the same top-of-the-line 2K Chinese screen of the K60 Pro, 30W wireless charging, and a larger 5500mAh battery.

The newly added cup-shaped Redmi K60E focuses on “light flagship with performance”. With a large 5500mAh battery, the battery life can last up to 1.38 days; the brand new Dimensity 8200 processor is upgraded, and at the same time, it adopts the same appearance design as the K60 series, and the appearance value is further improved.

The whole series of K60 is upgraded, and each cup has the strongest performance in the same class, insisting on being the king of the flagship price/performance ratio

As the flagship series of Redmi, the K series will bring surprises and progress to the industry and users in each generation. The strong performance, long battery life and pop-up camera of the Redmi K20 series are very popular among users. There are still many K20 Pro models today. Nail households; K30 promotes the popularization of 5G flagship mobile phones; K40 is very popular after its launch with the Snapdragon 870 and E4 direct screen, and sold more than 1 million units in the first month; the Redmi K50 series relies on Dimensity dual flagship platform and The 2K direct screen of the whole series is still a hot product until today, and the word-of-mouth accumulated by successive generations of products has made the K series the “flagship welder” in the mouth of users.

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The brand-new Redmi K60 universe is the ultimate performance universe, and the whole series is upgraded. In terms of chip selection, Qualcomm Snapdragon dual flagship platforms are selected. The first-generation Snapdragon 8+, each cup has the strongest performance in the same class.

Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi Group, president of China and International Department, and general manager of Redmi brand, said at the press conference: Although the technology, market and user needs are changing every year, Redmi’s product concept will not happen. For any changes, we will insist on being the king of flagship performance every year, insist on bringing surprising experiences to users in each generation, and insist on being the king of flagship cost performance.

Redmi K60 series refers to e-sports mobile phones: the self-developed violent engine achieves three non-drops, and the high-load performance of “Yuan Shen” wins in an all-round way

This year’s Redmi K60 series, with its top processor and “Rage Engine”, undertakes the mission of “Terminator of e-sports mobile phones”. The Redmi K60 Pro, which is positioned as the “king of flagship performance”, is equipped with the highly acclaimed second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. This processor adopts the most advanced TSMC 4nm process, with a 37% increase in CPU performance and a 47% increase in energy efficiency. GPU performance increased by 42%, energy efficiency increased by 49%, and AI computing power increased to 435%. In order to fully utilize the performance of this processor, K60 Pro also uses the largest 5000mm² super-large VC in Redmi history; and supports the latest LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 Flash memory; under the blessing of “Rage Engine”, TOP games such as “Original God”, “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite”, “League of Legends Mobile Games” and other TOP games can achieve no brightness reduction, no image quality reduction, and no frame reduction throughout the process Rate. The AnTuTu running score exceeds 1.35 million points, which is currently the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile phone with the highest running score.

In the game comparison test with competing e-sports mobile phones, the Redmi K60 Pro won the three ultra-high load test scenarios of “Yuan Shen” with a higher frame rate, better fluency, and no brightness reduction. Not only that, Redmi K60 Pro also provides a full range of game optimization including network, control, system, and accessories, and it is not inferior to e-sports mobile phones in terms of e-sports experience.

The “Strongest Standard Edition” Redmi K60 is equipped with a new generation of Koubei God U’s first-generation Snapdragon 8+. With its strong performance and excellent energy consumption performance, this processor is still favored by friends and merchants for 3200+ mobile phones . With the blessing of the first-generation Snapdragon 8+, 5000mm² super large VC cooling system and “Rage Engine”, the AnTuTu running score of K60 is as high as 1.12 million points. Without reducing the brightness and image quality, it can still run to 55.29 FPS.

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The first 2K Chinese screen, ultra-high specifications define the light of the national screen, co-research and create to help domestic high-end manufacturing

The flagship straight screen has become one of the symbols of Redmi. The K50 series has two cups of double 2K to bring the quality of the flagship screen to a new height. The K60 series has gone a step further. The K60 and K60 Pro debuted the top 2K direct screen co-developed with China Star Optoelectronics. This screen is the first release of the latest generation of C6 base material, with peak brightness exceeding 1400nit, supporting 68.7 billion color display, 1920Hz high-frequency eye protection dimming, Dolby Vision, 10,000-level dimming and other features, combined with Redmi’s self-developed highlight display engine, from The screen customization layer, frame layer, and AI algorithm layer are fully adjusted to achieve end-to-end display optimization from the screen panel to the content ecology. In addition, the K60 and K60Pro also support Dolby Vision, presenting a lifelike visual experience through incredible brightness, contrast, details and colors.

Behind this screen is a comprehensive change in the cooperation model between Redmi and China Star Optoelectronics. The two parties established a joint innovation laboratory to jointly tackle difficulties in hardware design, self-developed display algorithm architecture, platform-level display algorithm optimization, and production yield improvement. After more than 700 days of research and development and debugging of tens of thousands of screens, they jointly created this A top-level 2K Chinese screen has achieved a breakthrough in the cooperation model from “you have what I buy” to “joint definition, joint research and development, and joint adjustment”, and continues to promote the process of high-end domestic manufacturing.

The image is fully upgraded, wireless charging is popularized, and a flagship experience without shortcomings is created

Thanks to the empowerment of Xiaomi Imaging, the K60 series ushered in the awakening of imaging. Both the K60 and K60 Pro are equipped with snapshot cameras. With the blessing of “Xiaomi Imaging Brain 2.0”, the camera speed has been fully improved. Compared with competing products, it has faster startup speed, camera speed and imaging speed. At the same time, Redmi K60 Pro is upgraded to the same IMX800 main camera of Xiaomi 13. It has a 1/1.49-inch super outsole and supports OIS anti-shake. It also realizes full-link P3 color management on Redmi mobile phones for the first time. The K60 is equipped with a 64-megapixel main camera and supports OIS anti-shake.

In terms of fast charging and standby experience, the K60 Pro is equipped with a luxurious combination of 120W wired + 5000mAh large battery, which can be fully charged in only 19 minutes in fast mode, and can achieve up to 1.35 days of battery life; the K60 uses a combination of 5500mAh + 67W, and the battery life can reach up to An astonishing 1.45 days, fully surpassing the battery life benchmark iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both models support 30W wireless charging, making the wireless charging function exclusive to high-end phones in the past a new standard for the K series.

In terms of design, the Redmi K60 Pro and K60 adopt an extremely fast aesthetic design that combines speed and order. The K60 Pro specially launches the Champion Edition. This version uses multi-material stitching, leather surface embossed stitching design, simulates the interior of a sports car, and is matched with carbon fiber. The texture, and the newly designed K-series exclusive championship logo as the finishing touch, directly fill the atmosphere of speed.

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K60 Pro and K60 are equipped with flagship configurations such as MIUI 14, support for under-screen fingerprint recognition, up to 16GB+512GB large storage combination, stereo dual speakers, X-axis linear motor, infrared remote control, etc., bringing top-level hardcore flagship experience.

Redmi K60E is a brand new cup model, equipped with Dimensity 8200 flagship processor, uses the same 2K flexible straight screen of the K50, built-in 5500mAh large battery, and has a long battery life of 1.38 days. As an upgraded version of the Shen U Dimensity 8100, the Dimensity 8200 upgrades TSMC’s 4nm process and brings a higher CPU frequency. The AnTuTu comprehensive running score is as high as 910,000 points. K60E is also equipped with “Rage Engine 1.0”, which supports global 120Hz. When the GPU setting is selected as high quality, it can realize the experience of “Yuan Shen”, “Glory of the King”, and “Peace Elite” without reducing the resolution. The average frame rate of the one-hour game of “Yuan Shen” can reach 56.04FPS, which can be called the best performance for the 2,000 yuan file.

As a new member of the Note series, the Redmi Note 12 Pro Extreme Edition is equipped with the well-received mid-range chip Snapdragon 778G while continuing the Note 12 Pro’s same OLED flexible straight screen and 5000mAh+67W battery fast charging combination. AnTuTu’s comprehensive running score can reach 540,000 points; the main camera uses a 100-megapixel Samsung HM2 outsole, and is also blessed with the “Xiaomi Imaging Brain”.

Redmi early spring series of smart hardware released: watches/bracelets/true wireless earphones

At the K60 universe new product launch conference, the 2023 Redmi early spring series of wearable products were released at the same time: Redmi Watch 3, Redmi Band 2, and Redmi Buds 4 Youth Edition. Redmi Watch 3 has an upgraded 1.75-inch high-definition AMOLED large screen and is equipped with the Apollo4 Plus high-performance platform, which doubles the performance of the previous generation. It supports 121 professional sports modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen saturation detection. Support independent satellite positioning, can independently complete outdoor sports monitoring. The Redmi Band 2 is equipped with a large 1.47-inch sugar cube screen, and the display area has increased by 76% compared with the previous generation. While supporting 24-hour heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen saturation detection, the battery life can reach 14 days. Redmi Buds 4 Youth Edition is positioned as a cost-effective semi-in-ear wireless earphone. It uses a 12mm dynamic unit and has a battery life of 5 hours.

The Redmi K60 series released this time, relying on the performance of the whole series, each cup has the strongest performance in the same gear, and any cup type can exert full blood capacity. Coupled with its surprising cost performance, the Redmi K60 series must It will take over the K50 series and become a new generation of “flagship welder”.

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