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Computer scientists and psychologists “To stop the hacker you have to think like him”

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Dealing with cybersecurity is like playing cat and mouse. “You have to think with the intruder’s head to anticipate his moves,” warns Vincenzo Digilio, a specialist in hacking and attack techniques. In Novara he founded “Cyber ​​division” with his brothers Paolo and Rossella, and his friend and colleague Mirko Bonazza. The start-up provides IT protection services and intervenes to resolve attacks against network security.

An example of this approach?
“It’s the episode that made us turn around. They contacted us at 6 am from Vienna, where a company had suffered internal sabotage from its IT sector, of Information technology. Passwords had been changed, most of the data erased. I was able to reset the domain accounts and return the access keys to their rightful owners. But the difference was made by identifying myself with the attacker in order to interpret his actions ».

How did you become a cyber security expert?
«It is a passion we had since childhood. We tinkered with configurations, early firewalls and programs. That group was the basis for forming the current team after graduation. But in this sector there are not only hacking experts: my brother Paolo has a degree in Investigation Sciences. We need to bring together the skills ».

You have signed an agreement with Cyberoo, a company listed on the Aim Italia market dedicated to SMEs. This Emilian company active in IT security has undertaken to acquire 51% of your shares. With what prospects?
“We will have the usual freedom to act, but with more financial support. The operation allows us to throw ourselves on the market, we are already dealing with multinational incidents. We also owe a lot to the Novara Sviluppo Foundation, where we are based in via Bovio. Thanks to the call, InNovazione has allowed us to get to know each other and establish contacts ».

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