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Tibolla, route to Montebelluna. “This is a crucial stage for us”

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Alberto tibolla

The midfielder from the Dolomites is concentrated for Sunday’s match. “It is normal that everyone expects a lot from us after last summer’s merger”

It is an important stage, that of Montebelluna. It was understood in fact, but in the meantime Alberto Tibolla reiterates it, demonstrating how the team thinks the same way. Because after the victory against the Ambrosiana it is clear that three other points would take on a very specific meaning, in addition to perhaps giving the definitive mental turning point.

The Dolomiti Bellunesi has never put together two consecutive successes, at most the three useful results between Cattolica, Este and San Martino Speme. And often knowing how to collect points on points one game after another is the key to aspiring to something prestigious. The ranking at 13 points is acceptable, in any case it only takes a moment to slip back or run forward. Also because, for example, the playoff area is not miles away …

Alberto, how much can a full result weigh at San Vigilio?

“Yes, it is important. I think for several reasons. The ranking is one of those, of course. But we also speak of serenity, of greater conviction of one’s own possibilities and so on. After all, the real way to increase the trust of everyone, including ours, is to obtain favorable results. If we had to win again, I’m mentally convinced many things would be easier ».

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Do you feel that pressure we are talking about?

“You know, I expected it to be there. And so are my teammates, especially those with more experience. It was predictable that the public and the press placed high expectations on a team that expressed a three-way union. Also, maybe something more was expected from the field. We ourselves immediately set ourselves high bars. I think the difference lies in being aware of one thing: everything and immediately you can not get anything. It takes time, and we hope to be able to go better and better from here on out ».

For now, it is a championship of ups and downs. Four wins, four losses and one draw.

«Yes, and the previous speech is valid. It happens until you have full peace of mind. We were fourth a few days ago, then we found ourselves in the playout area. And I repeat: the best way to grow in this respect is to win ».

Did you understand your true worth?

“It is a new situation, it has little to do with being part of many of us in the Belluno block. Obviously, you set yourself goals, but then you face a very difficult championship. Well, I think the reasoning was wrong: we only win with the “weaker” teams. You can’t find a simple opponent, even if from the outside it’s easy to think of winning easy with the Ambrosiana, being penultimate ».

Meanwhile, you play anytime, anywhere, except in one circumstance.

“I don’t know if I expected it, because in a very simple way I make myself available. Then the coach decides. Wherever there is need, I try to lend a hand ».


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