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Dialogue | Glory CEO Zhao Ming: 2000+ mobile phone shipments account for 60-70%, and the strategy of developing high-end phones is unshakable_Series_Market_Offline

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Original title: Dialogue | Honor CEO Zhao Ming: 2000+ mobile phones account for 60-70% of shipments, and the strategy of developing high-end phones is unshakable

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Author|Zhang Yating

Following the release of the 50 series in June, Honor released a new 60 series on December 1, increasing the iteration speed of the digital series to twice a year.

On November 17 last year, Glory became independent, and its market share fell to 3%. After restoring and adjusting products, channels, supply chains, etc., Honor has reached the top three in the domestic mobile phone market in Q3, accounting for about 17%.

In an interview after the launch of the 60 series new machine, Honor CEO Zhao Ming accepted media interviews including Sohu Technology and revealed to the outside world information about channel recovery, shipment structure, development goals, brand competition and other information.

There are over 30,000 offline stores, and 2000+ mobile phone shipments account for 60-70%

After self-reliance, the speed of glory development should not be underestimated. Q3 ranks third in China. What price range of products does Honor rely on?

Zhao Ming revealed that in the second half of this year, Honor’s shipments were dominated by products above 2,000 yuan, accounting for 60-70%. “As the market supply situation, we continue to adjust the trading, X, digital, and Changwan three series of shipments are in a relatively balanced state.”

Currently, Honor’s offline sales accounted for more than 70%, and this brand originally positioned as an Internet mobile phone has completed its transformation. Due to the participation of channel dealers in holding shares and the deep binding of interests, Honor has quickly recovered its channels after independence.

Glory CEO Zhao Ming told Sohu Technology that in the Glory offline retail system, there are already more than 30,000 dedicated areas, counters, and authorized experience stores. “In the next step, Honor will increase the speed of its authorized store construction. Since October and November this year, the number of Honor’s overall authorized experience stores has exceeded 2,000.”

“Honor’s offline channel development has entered a relatively healthy state.” Zhao Ming said that Honor is good at polishing products, but local retail partners are better at opening stores in different regions and serving local consumers. Honor has always insisted on appropriate People do what they do best.

Regarding the development direction of Honor, Zhao Ming said that after September and October, Honor basically does not mention market share data internally, and hopes that the entire team can return to the fundamentals of business and meet consumer needs.

“It is naive to think that the market vacated by Huawei should be divided up by domestic brands.”

Since Huawei gradually withdrew, domestic manufacturers hope to take advantage of the window period to quickly carve up the market, especially in the high-end market. Honor also released the Magic3 series flagship machine after independence, raising the price to 7,999 yuan for the first time.

However, Apple’s performance is very strong. CINNO’s October mobile phone sales show that Apple topped the domestic market with the iPhone 13.

In this regard, Zhao Ming said that it is very naive and naive if the market that Huawei has vacated should of course be divided by several domestic brands, and the market will never tolerate all kinds of naivety and naivety.

He pointed out that in terms of the overall sales of Honor Magic 3, the overall internal judgment is satisfactory, and Honor will never waver in its strategy of developing high-end flagship phones. “Develop high-end flagships and aim at the strongest competitors to surpass. Honor’s concepts and experience in computational photography are in some respects superior to Apple’s iPhone 13 series. In the field of communications, it undoubtedly surpasses the iPhone.”

Zhao Ming believes that having a strong competitor is a very lucky thing for the entire mobile phone industry, and Honor can grow rapidly in competition with strong players.Return to Sohu to see more


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