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Dividends: on November 22nd autumn D-Day with Intesa Sanpaolo and other 8 securities of the Ftse Mib that detach rich coupons

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A shower of dividends is coming for the investors of Piazza Affari. Monday 22 November will be a record break for the autumn season, which until recently saw only a small number of companies providing for the shareholders the coupon on account for the following year.

This year, however, also by virtue of the elimination of the ECB limitations on bank dividends, the autumn season will see a record amount of coupons starting from that of Intesa Sanpaolo. The largest Italian bank, which already last month awarded its shareholders with one substantial coupon of € 0.0996 per share (distribution of part of the Extraordinary Reserve based on 2020 results), on Monday it will detach the interim dividend of € 0.0721, which compared to the current values ​​of the share offers a yield of 3.02%.

On Monday 22 November, other banks will also detach the dividend. FinecoBank will distribute 0.53 euros (yield of 3.11%), Mediobanca provided for the detachment of a dividend of € 0.66 (yield of 6.25%). Mediolanum Bank will distribute an interim dividend 2021 of 0.23 euros (yield 2.62%).

Banca Generali the most generous (and will repeat in February)

The most generous turns out Banca Generali which will distribute a first dividend of 2.7 euros (yield of 6.53%) for the year 2020. The bank led by Gian Maria Mossa will subsequently distribute a second dividend of 0.60 euros per share (payment date 23 February 2022 ).

Coupon time also for the shareholders of Italian post. Given the positive results of the first nine months of 2021, the group proposed the distribution of an interim dividend 2022 (relating to the 2021 financial year) for an amount of € 0.185 per share (yield 1.53%).

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Interim dividend 2022 also for Terna which will distribute a coupon of € 0.0982 (yield 1.46%).

Finally, interim dividend also by Recordati (€ 0.53, yield of 0.94%) e Tenaris ($ 0.13, yield of 1.26%).

To collect the dividend, the share must be held at the close of the last business day before the ex-dividend date.

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