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Economy: District President urges Habeck to reform electricity prices

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Economy: District President urges Habeck to reform electricity prices
Berlin (German news agency) – District Council President Reinhard Sager (CDU) is demanding an electricity price reform from Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) “in the coming weeks” after the energy ministers of the federal states postponed the sensitive issue again at their meeting on Thursday. “The grid fees and thus the electricity prices are highest where the most renewable energy is generated, i.e. in northern Germany. This is an intolerable situation,” said Sager of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ).

“The anger about this in the northern countries is rightly growing, and that’s why Robert Habeck has to put an end to this clear disadvantage and ensure fair electricity tariffs.” Sager appealed: “In the coming weeks, a concrete proposal for the readjustment of the grid fees is needed so that this injustice, which is hostile to the energy transition, is remedied this year.”

The fact that electricity would then become more expensive in the south is not an argument against the reform. “It is no longer acceptable that the costs for the expansion of renewables continue to be shifted from the slowing south to the committed north. I think the districts in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg can understand that,” said the district president of the “NOZ”. And added: “The longer Mr. Habeck lets the pressure from Munich slow him down with the overdue electricity price correction, the greater the risk that he will lose the people in the north.”

It should no longer be accepted that “those who make the greatest contributions to the energy transition are punished by higher grid fees instead of being rewarded”.

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