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Fuels: after 6 months diesel is once again cheaper than petrol

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Fuels: after 6 months diesel is once again cheaper than petrol

Diesel is once again cheaper than petrol. This is what emerges from the weekly data just published by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (Mase).

The price of petrol in self-service mode remains substantially stable at 1.860 euros per litre; while diesel fell to 1.837 euros per litre.

“Diesel is cheaper than petrol”, says Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumer Union.

“After the historic overtaking of the price of diesel over that of petrol, which took place in the ministry’s weekly survey of 29 August 2022, now, after almost 6 months, diesel is finally back to being cheaper than petrol. Good news for those who have a diesel car, less good news for those traveling on petrol. An indication, however, of a return to normality.

“In any case, compared to a year ago, i.e. at the last price before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, a liter of petrol now costs 0.5% more, equal to 1 euro for a 50-litre tank, while the diesel is more than 11 cents per litre, with a leap of 6.6%, equal to 5 euros and 71 cents per refuelling” continues Dona.

“Compared to the beginning of the year, due to the 15 cent increase in excise duties decided by the Government, a liter of petrol is almost 22 cents more expensive, a jump of 13.1%, equivalent to 10 euros and 80 cents for a full tank, with an annual cost of 259 euros for a family that fills up twice a month, diesel fuel rose by almost 13 cents per litre, +7.5%, equal to 6 euros and 44 cents per fill up , a blow of 154 euros a year”, concludes Dona.

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