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Giulia’s killer’s lover and the clues. “I found a fake DNA test”

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Giulia’s killer’s lover and the clues.  “I found a fake DNA test”

Alessandro Impagnatiello, killer of Giulia Tramontano Synagogue

Giulia Tramontano, the three clues that framed Impagnatiello

Backstories keep emerging and details about the murder committed by Alexander Impagnatiello. The killing of his fiancée Julia Tramontanopregnant in the seventh month was premeditatedthe killer had prepared a plan in detail. The killer’s lover told everything about her in her second report to the carabinieri, revealing the details of those days of fear. “Alessandro that night between Saturday and Sunday – reads the report and reports it from La Stampa – was apparently agitated. So much that appear sweaty“. You cannot know it, but between 20 and 21 and 30 Impagnetiello had already stabbed Tramontano to death. And he made a first attempt at burn the body in the bathtub at home. “She told me that they had broken up Between December and January“.

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“In my visits to the home of Alessandro a Senago – continues La Stampa – there were no traces of his presence. No photos, no tricks”. Then the shots found with pregnant lions. And the second lie of the test del Dna “in an envelope from the Sant’Agostino clinic”. She finds lipstick in Alessandro’s car. At that point she calls Giulia. They meet at the Armani Bamboo where Alessandro also works. They are also carrying out the checks on cell phones to which the cell phones of the people the barman contacted were hooked up the night of the murder and in the following days. To figure out if it was helped to unravel of the dead body. The investigations coordinated by the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo and by the deputy Letizia Mannella and conducted by the carabinieri aim to reconstruct millimeter by millimeter what happened, in the belief that there was premeditation and crueltyaggravating circumstances excluded by the judge who validated the detention and ordered the prison for the 30-year-old.

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