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Murder Giulia Tramontano, could little Thiago be saved? The next steps of the investigation

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Murder Giulia Tramontano, could little Thiago be saved?  The next steps of the investigation

Milan, 4 June 2023 – Giulia and Thiago are dead e Alessandro is in jail I confess. Now begins the more exquisitely technical part of this harrowing story in which there are two women, Giulia who is pregnant and “the other” who had an abortion, both with the misfortune of falling in love with the same monster, of falling into the trap of a castle of lies held together by the criminal narcissism of Alessandro Impagnatiello, 30 years old barman at Armani Bamboo. In recent days in prison, the killer seemed very calm, according to what the investigators said.

Alessandro Impagnatiello

The autopsy

On Monday afternoon he will meet his lawyer who has been sent an invitation to appoint an expert witness, as required by law to attend the autopsy of Giulia and Thiago which at that point will be fixed no earlier than Wednesday. It is almost assumed that Impagnatiello will receive the maximum penalty for the murder, the hearing will be discussed in the Assizes, probably immediately, if the prosecutor requests it.

The doubt

The autopsy report will in any case be decisive for the precise classification of the offence. Only the coroner will be able to establish the exact moment of death, whether poor Giulia died immediately or there was agony e so if the child could be saved with timely help. And again, the autopsy will always establish whether the fetus was ready to be born, and therefore exactly the qualification of the same as a legal personwhich would result in a double homicide charge.

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The wounds

Giulia’s body was found wrapped in plastic, partially burned. They were visible to the naked eye on her corpse only two stab wounds inflicted on the neck and one, less deep, under the right breast. “But it is not certain – the investigators explain – that they were the only ones inflicted”. Also in this case the autopsy will be decisive because the murderer could have given many more than those visible at that moment. We recall that there were burns on the skin, because after having stabbed her, he tried to set her on fire in the bathtub because he thought he was “not making her recognizable”. And in that case, if more wounds resulted, one could even rethink the aggravating circumstance of torture which requires repetitiveness and stubbornness , such as occurs in overkilling.

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