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Gold prices continue to strengthen and institutions are discussing market opportunities | Shanghai Securities News

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Gold Prices Soar as Investors Turn to Gold Concept Stocks and ETFs

By: Zhao Mingchao

Investors are turning to gold as the price of the precious metal continues to strengthen, leading to a surge in gold concept stocks and ETFs. With the Federal Reserve expected to enter an interest rate cutting cycle and global central banks continuing to purchase gold, industry insiders are optimistic about the outlook for the gold market.

Gold prices have been on the rise, with domestic AU9999 gold exceeding 505 yuan/gram and the London gold price surpassing 2,160 US dollars/ounce. This has led to a 4.72% increase in the China Gold Stock ETF and a 4.58% rise in the Yongying Gold Stock ETF.

According to Boshi Fund, the rise in gold prices can be attributed to two main factors: concerns about the U.S. banking industry and expectations of a rate cut by the Federal Reserve. Additionally, global central banks purchasing gold has also supported the strength of gold prices.

In response to the rising interest in gold investment opportunities, public offerings are deploying related products in multiple dimensions. Everwin Fund, Ping An Fund, Harvest Fund, and other public equity firms have reported various gold industry stock ETFs, while others are exploring opportunities in global gold mining themes.

Institutional research has also shown increased interest in gold-related listed companies, with many well-known institutions conducting investigations to identify potential growth opportunities.

Looking ahead, Huaan Fund remains optimistic about the trend of gold in 2024, citing global uncertainty and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut cycle as positive factors. Liu Tingyu, manager of the Yongying Gold Stock ETF, also sees potential for gold prices to rise as the U.S. economy faces pressure and central bank gold purchases continue.

Overall, the outlook for gold investment in 2024 looks promising as investors continue to seek safe-haven assets in the face of economic uncertainties.

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