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Government, Meloni against Schlein: act one. Who do you prefer? Rate it

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Government, Meloni against Schlein: act one.  Who do you prefer?  Rate it

Government, from migrants to the minimum wage: first discussion in the Meloni-Schlein Hall

Dai migrants al Workdal minimum salary ai parental leave: the first political confrontation between the prime minister took place today in the Chamber Giorgia Meloni and the new secretariat of the Pd Elly Schlein. Animated by warm, bright tones, but also openness and willingness to dialogue. The dem, as anticipated by the press this morning, immediately put a theme so dear to the left on the table: the Work (poor) and the consequent need to introduce in Italy a minimum salary.

Government, Meloni against Schlein: who do you prefer?

“Madam President there is a drama of this country that we never hear about. Precariousness is poor work, more than three million poor workers, even if they work, a minimum wage must be set by law because below a certain threshold it cannot be called Work ma exploitation. Some time ago you defined the minimum wage as a decoy. The Democratic Party presented a proposal like other forces controversy but you rejected them all. I ask you to immediately approve a minimum salary and equal leave.

Melons in turn he wanted to point out that there is a problem in the country work themeor “whoever governed up to now has made Italian workers poorer and now this government he must do what he can to turn the tide”. For the government, the minimum wage is not the “solution”, as it is feared that “it could become not an additional parameter of protection but a substitute parameter, the only one which would risk creating worse conditions for many workers”.

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Schlein instead wanted to recall, in reality, that the Democratic Party “tried in the last legislature ad reach the minimum wage but she and her allies who sit next to her voted against”. “But I remind you that now I am in opposition and you are in government and it is no longer time to blame others. Don’t hide behind a finger. If collective bargaining had been enough, we would not have those three million working poor. You are well aware that only a few of those contracts are signed by more representative organisations. You have only been in office for five months but you are already going in the opposite direction is wrong,” Schlein remarked.

Opening instead by the premier Giorgia Meloni on parental leave. “Sui parental leave sI am always available to confront and discuss”. Finally, Schlein sui’s jab migrants: “In five months you have shown incompetence, approximation and insensitivity. First with the rave decree, then with the war on NGOs, now with the children of same-parent couples. Your propaganda is fading”.

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