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Gruppo 24 Ore, first Esg plan approved. Gionata Tedeschi dg Innovation and Sustainability

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The second direction, intrinsically connected to the first, focuses on actions aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion and intends to support, through specific contents, education and professional training for the growth of the country as well as promoting the well-being and development of People of the 24 Ore Group, as already demonstrated through the initiatives implemented in 2022, including the Gender Certification obtained in December 2022 (the first Italian media company) and the contributions paid to employees for nursery schools, high bills and training.

Transversal goals

The transversal objectives on which the ESG Plan is based, created in collaboration with Bdo Advisory Services, are the improvement of the environmental impact, which can already count on a site certified at high levels of sustainability and on the adoption of low-impact policies on the environment, and the development and maintenance of a governance system aligned with sustainability best practices.

«To achieve these strategic objectives – added the CEO of the 24 Hours Cartia d’Asero Group – we have chosen to rely on the skills and professionalism of Gionata Tedeschi, gained over many years of international experience as a consultant, manager and entrepreneur in areas with a high innovation content of companies, business models and ESG initiatives».

Who is Gionata Tedeschi?

Gionata Tedeschi, a Bocconi alumnus, began his career in strategic consulting at McKinsey and subsequently, with a focus on transformative market issues and new technologies, he launched – in the digital, marketing and data science fields – successful start-ups accompanying them until the next exit (among others Buongiorno.it and Born4shop-Saldiprivati.com).

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From 2012 to 2018 in Accenture, as Managing Director he led the Digital Strategy practice in Europe, with advisor roles to leading companies in the Automotive, Retail and Financial Services fields.

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