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High level shock: get on or off the bus_CICC Online Finance Account

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Market Volatility Continues as Real Estate Sector Declines

Today, investors in the stock market experienced high levels of shock as the market bottomed out and rebounded in two major cities. The Shanghai stock market saw highs around 3040 points during the session, only to fall back to around 3007 points at its lowest. Stocks in various sectors, including leasing rights, real estate, and power batteries, saw declines, while others such as liquid-cooled servers, NVIDIA concepts, and weight loss drugs experienced gains.

Analysts attribute the market fluctuation to negative news over the weekend, particularly in the real estate sector. Reports of Vanke negotiating with lenders, including insurance companies, to extend non-standard debt triggered price fluctuations in domestic bonds. Additionally, disappointing real estate sales data further contributed to the sector’s decline.

One of the top gainers today was the concept of liquid-cooled servers, driven by the upcoming NVIDIA conference where the B100 series of products is expected to be launched with advanced cooling technology. This highlights the growing demand for improved computing power and heat dissipation capabilities, particularly in AI data centers.

Looking ahead, concerns about electricity shortages impacting chip production have surfaced, with projections indicating a significant increase in power demand for AI data centers in the coming years. This has led to a surge in the energy sector, with companies like PetroChina and CNOOC making substantial gains while hydrogen energy companies faced losses.

Despite the market’s technical indicators showing a positive trend, uncertainty remains as investors await key meetings and potential shifts in leadership. In this volatile environment, it is advised to stay focused on long-term strategies and monitor market trends closely to navigate the current market conditions.

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