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Honda ZR-V e:Hev Full Hybrid, the hybrid SUV test drive. Try on sizes and prices

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Honda ZR-V e:Hev Full Hybrid, the hybrid SUV test drive.  Try on sizes and prices

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After a period in which the absolute novelties arrived with the dropper, Honda launches three SUVs with different personalities in one fell swoop. In this triptych produced in China, the Z-RV e:Hev is placed between the equally unprecedented urban crossover e:Ny1 with electric powertrain and the sixth generation of the larger CR-V SUV, now also offered in a plug-in hybrid version . Instead, considering Honda’s range of high wheels, the new SUV stands without replacing any other model between the compact crossover HR-V (name used in other parts of the world by the ZR-V) and the CR-V, starting since autumn, among the large number of medium-sized SUVs, a large percentage of great success.

Honda ZR-V e:Hev Full Hybrid, X-ray of the full-hybrid that goes electric

4.57 meters long, 1.84 meters wide, 1.62 meters high and with a wheelbase of 2.65 metres, the ZR-V is based on the revised e:NF architecture of the Civic sedan. The SUV also incorporates the hybrid powertrain from the streamlined hatchback without any type of change consisting of a 2-liter Atkinson cycle direct injection petrol engine with 143 horsepower that a lock-up clutch connects to the front end only in particular situations and two engines electric: one for traction with 184 horsepower and 315 Nm of torque which is what determines the power of the car and one that acts as a current generator to supply the small 1.05 kWh lithium-ion battery. The petrol engine and the electric drive in most cases never work together, because it is the latter that turns the wheels powered by the current generator operated by the petrol engine. In these situations, frequent up to motorway speeds or as long as rapid speed changes are not required, the electronics operate the 2-litre petrol engine at optimal revs to contain consumption by disconnecting it from the wheels by means of the clutch. In other situations, again evaluated and managed by the electronics, the clutch connects the 2-litre to the front end, while the electric unit no longer powered by the generator idles. The system gives the ZR-V a speed of 173 per hour and the possibility of reaching 100 hours in 7″8 with an average consumption of 4.5 litres/100 km, or 22 kilometers per liter of petrol.

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Honda ZR-V e:Hev Full Hybrid, original also aesthetically

Honda’s full-hybrid SUV emphasizes the fact that it is all new with a line that is completely detached from that of all the other models of the brand and which, almost certainly, will inspire that of future Hondas with some stylistic features. In particular, with the design of the front which, although with some inspiration taken from other brands, raises a new and almost aggressive family-style generated by the design of the grille, that of the headlights, the rounded surfaces and the large lower air intakes and lateral. The very clean design of the line is based on the soft connection of the surfaces and defines a slender silhouette, which does not give in to the temptation to imitate that of a SUV-coupé, as well as a tail strengthened by the design of the bumper shield and the tailgate shaped by the interweaving of concave and convex surfaces.

Honda ZR-V e:Hev Full Hybrid, comfortable, functional and well-finished interior

The interior presentation of the ZR-V is inspired by that of the Civic. In fact, the style of the furnishings mirrors that of the sedan and, therefore, re-proposes the dashboard almost entirely covered by the air vent, which integrates the partially configurable 10.2″ digital instrumentation and which supports the 9.0″ display in the center of the infotainment. The system is clear and easy to use, communicates wirelessly with the devices and also integrates the Honda app, which allows you to remotely manage many of the car’s functions.

On the central console there are open and closed storage compartments, the wireless charging plate for devices and keys for selecting the driving modes and vehicle configurations: Economy, Normal, Sport and Snow, debuting on a Honda SUV. The on-board services and climate control switches are located under the infotainment screen, in a clearly identifiable and reachable position. The environment is modern and welcoming and finished with materials that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch and a careful assembly. Roominess is also good at the rear, while the load compartment capacity, which ranges from 380 to 1,322 litres, is subpar for a mid-range SUV.

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