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Hongmeng Zhixing releases the first pure electric car, high-voltage fast charging technology develops rapidly-Mobile Finance Industry

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Hongmeng Zhixing Releases First Pure Electric Car, High-Voltage Fast Charging Technology Develops Rapidly

Financial World, November 29, 2023

Hongmeng Zhixing, a subsidiary of Huawei, has officially launched its first pure electric sedan, the Zhijie S7. This move marks the company’s entry into the electric vehicle market, with a total of 4 models of new cars being launched, with prices starting from 249,800 yuan.

The Zhijie S7 comes equipped with several advanced technologies, including the Huawei Touring intelligent chassis, Huawei parking agent, and the Huawei “Whale” 800V high-voltage battery platform. The vehicle also features the Hongmeng 4 intelligent cockpit and an omnidirectional anti-collision system. One of the standout features of the Zhijie S7 is its fast charging capability, with the ability to achieve a battery life of 215 kilometers after just 5 minutes of charging. The vehicle also boasts a comprehensive range of 855 kilometers.

In terms of charging services, Hongmeng Zhixing has achieved nationwide coverage of more than 340 cities, 4,500 high-speed charging stations, and 700,000 public charging guns. The company has ambitious plans to deploy more than 100,000 Huawei fully liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging stations by the end of 2024.

The rapid development of high-voltage fast charging technology has also caught the attention of the financial community. West China Securities believes that fast charging can solve the pain points of the charging experience of new energy vehicles and is expected to become an effective catalyst for accelerating the penetration rate of new energy vehicles.

Everbright Securities pointed out that the launch of 800V high-voltage platform models and plans, as well as the acceleration of overcharging trends with Ningde’s 4C lithium iron phosphate fast-charging battery, has sparked interest in the construction of overcharging piles. Huawei’s 600kW liquid-cooled supercharging station has set the technology trend, and supercharging piles have become the focus of investment in charging piles.

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It is recommended to pay attention to the technological upgrade directions of complete pile enterprises with a high proportion of high-power DC piles, liquid cooling modules, liquid cooling gun lines, etc.

In light of this, the financial community issued a warning, stating that the content, data, and tools in this article do not constitute any investment advice and are for reference only. The stock market is risky, so investors should exercise caution.

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