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Industrial Securities: Facing Market Fluctuations Rationally Amidst Internal and External Risk Factors

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Securities Times Warns of Market Risks Amidst Internal and External Factors

In a recent strategy report, Industrial Securities has highlighted the impact of internal and external risk factors on the market. The report outlines three main challenges that are currently dampening market risk appetite: 1) significant domestic real estate credit risk, 2) disappointing financial data for July, and 3) depreciation pressure on the exchange rate coupled with geopolitical disturbances.

The market index has once again reached a low level after a period of recovery, signaling a decrease in risk appetite. However, it is important to note that the fluctuation of sentiment is more significant than the actual substance of the market changes. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to strengthen their confidence and approach market fluctuations rationally.

Addressing the credit risk in the domestic real estate sector, the report suggests that it is not a new issue but rather the release of previously existing tail risks. Furthermore, recent policy measures indicate the authorities’ commitment to tackling this issue gradually. While July’s financial data was lower than expected, there is still a possibility of an economic improvement in the third quarter. Additionally, the recent outflows of foreign capital are primarily from transactional funds, such as overseas hedge funds, engaged in profit-taking activities. This suggests that there is no need to be overly concerned about continuous capital outflows.

Despite the recent market adjustments driven by internal and external risk factors, the report advises investors to maintain confidence in the long-term prospects. It also highlights the expectation of gradual policy easing, urging investors to be patient and wait for the opportune moment when policy-driven risk appetite starts to rise.

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The recommended investment approach focuses on two lines of thought. Firstly, investors should respond to short-term uncertainties by seeking mid-to-long-term certainty and paying attention to low-volume dividend assets. Secondly, the report emphasizes the importance of focusing on the direction of economic advantages in order to align with the market’s structural market characteristics.

The Securities Times stresses the importance of implementing investment decisions cautiously and highlights that the content provided in the article is for reference only and should not be considered as substantive investment advice. It urges readers to operate at their own risk.

Readers are advised to download the “Securities Times” official app or follow their official WeChat public account for updated stock market trends, policy information, and potential wealth opportunities.

Disclaimer: The Securities Times strives to provide truthful and accurate information. However, the content mentioned in this article is for reference only and does not constitute substantive investment advice. Therefore, investors are advised to operate at their own risk.

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