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Industry: World market leader Hüttenwerke Königsbronn

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Industry: World market leader Hüttenwerke Königsbronn

But it was really critical for the iron and steel works for the first time in 2013. They had gambled away with an investment of millions. The foundry was supposed to cast components for wind turbines, but the hoped-for orders did not materialize because the expansion of renewable energies in Deutschland progress is slow, reports today’s managing director Heiko Hesemann.

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But the next two bankruptcies? “Bad tongues speak of mismanagement,” says the new managing director. The second investor loaned the smelting works with house and yard and broke up the company. “The will to run a company was not there from day one,” says Behr’s works council at the time. It was probably more of an attempt to “enrich yourself a little”.

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