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Inflation, January 2023 data: -10% on the cost of the shopping cart

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Inflation, January 2023 data: -10% on the cost of the shopping cart

In January, the cost of the “shopping cart” fell. In fact, it is estimated that the national consumer price index for the entire community (Nic), gross of tobacco, registers an increase of 0.1% on a monthly basis and 10% on an annual basis, from +11.6 % in the previous month. The preliminary estimate was +10.1%. The Istat communicates it.

The acquired inflation for 2023, i.e. the average growth that would occur if prices remained stable in the remaining part of the year, is equal to +5.2% for the general index and +3.2% for the fund (net of energy and fresh food). The Istat communicates it.

To curb the enthusiasm for this – slight – decline, it is Codacons. “On the retail price front, Italy is still in bad shape, and the drop in inflation recorded in January is a mere optical illusion due to the sharp drop in the prices of energy goods”.

«The numbers on inflation must not mislead – explains the president, Carlo Rienzi -. Unfortunately, the high prices continue to hit Italians also in January, with the 10% rate which, with the same consumption and considering the total annual expenditure of families, represents a blow of +2,925 euros per year for the ‘typical’ family ”, +711 euros for food only; +3,788 euros for a household with two children (+969 euros only for food shopping). The slowdown recorded last month can only be attributed to the sharp drop in the prices of regulated energy goods, which fell on an annual basis from +70.2% to -12%. On the contrary, inflation for frequently purchased products is accentuated (from +8.5% to +8.9%) and food continues to remain at high levels (+12.6%)’».

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Inflation higher in the islands and in the North West
In January, the most marked inflation was recorded in the Islands (+11.7%, a slight slowdown from +13.9% in December), followed by the North-West (+10.0%, from +11.4 % of previous month). Rates lower than the national average are instead recorded in the South (+9.9%, from +11.7%), in the North-East (+9.7%, from +11.5%) and in the Center (+9, 6%, from +11.0%). In the capitals of the regions and autonomous provinces and in the municipalities that are not regional capitals with more than 150,000 inhabitants, Istat still indicates, the highest inflation is observed in Catania (+12.6%), Genoa (+11.8 %) and Palermo (+11.7%), while the lowest trend variations are recorded in Aosta (+7.6%) and, lastly, in Potenza (+7.5%). Above the national average is Milan (+10.8%), below Rome (+8.9%).

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