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Jilin Province’s Food Industry Shines with Strong Growth and Market Expansion

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Deeply Tap Potential and Expand the Market: Interpretation of High-Quality Development of Jilin Province’s Food Industry in the First Three Quarters

Jilin Province’s food industry has experienced significant growth and development during the first three quarters of this year, with a remarkable year-on-year increase of 7.5% in added value. This achievement reflects the province’s commitment to promoting quality improvement, transformation, and industrial expansion.

To support the growth of the food industry, Jilin Province has focused on various key projects and companies. Meat product processing companies like Haoyue Group, Tongyu Muyuan, and COFCO Jiakang have maximized their production capacity. Additionally, Meihua has produced 20,000 tons of xanthan gum, while Chengkai Agricultural Investment has contributed 200,000 tons. Notably, projects such as beef cattle and Meihe’s 100,000-ton craft beer have been successfully implemented and have already produced positive outcomes according to Sun Dawei, a second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Haoyue Group, a popular local brand, has played a significant role in the province’s food industry. The group’s headquarters in Green Park, Changchun City, showcases modern and intelligent meat product processing and production workshops. The impressive slaughtering production line efficiently produces various beef products, supplying consumers’ tables.

The collaboration between Haoyue Group and the Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences has resulted in the successful cultivation of the “Wojin Black Bull.” This project has yielded an extensive range of processed products, now present in 27 provinces and 607 large supermarkets. The output value has surpassed 1.018 billion yuan, with revenue exceeding 200 million yuan.

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In Wangqing County, Yanbian Prefecture, the Haoji billion-level food industrial park has made significant contributions to the region’s employment and income base. The park covers a vast area of 720,000 square meters, with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan. Once at full capacity, it will produce 20,000 tons of organic soy sauce, 150,000 tons of original oyster sauce, 600 million bottles of mountain delicacies bibimbap sauce, and 200,000 tons of organic cooking wine annually. Furthermore, it is expected to provide employment opportunities for 2,000 locals and increase Wangqing County’s revenue by 2 billion yuan.

The Haoji Ancient Wooden Barrel Fermentation Organic Soy Sauce Production Base, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of high-end organic wooden barrel soy sauce. It is recognized as the largest indoor wooden barrel soy sauce fermentation base in China and even worldwide, according to Yu Sheng, the chief engineer of the industrial park project.

Meihekou, a new tourist city in Jilin Province, has also seen remarkable progress in its food industry. The 100,000-ton craft brewery project, which started production on January 1 this year, has taken the “Meihe Craft” beer brand to new heights. The project, with a total investment of 405 million yuan, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 370 million yuan and profits and taxes of 120 million yuan. The Meihekou craft beer targets multiple cities in Northeast China, aiming to lead the new trend of beer consumption in the region.

Jilin Province’s food industry has thrived due to its fertile black soil granary and modern industrial system. Its unique charm, inspired by the white mountains and pine waters, has attracted consumers nationwide. The growing popularity and recognition of Jilin food reflect its remarkable progress and breakthroughs in the first three quarters of this year.

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