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Jinniu Fund Manager assumes the lead of China Merchants Ruiying Hybrid Fund on sale from July 12th

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On June 21, China Merchants Ruiying 9-month holding periodHybridStock investmentfund(Hereinafter referred to as “China Merchants Ruiying Mixed Fund”) releasedannouncementSaid that the fund will be on sale from July 12 to July 23.

The prospectus shows that the fund invests in credit bonds rated at AA and above. Among them, credit bond investments rated AAA account for 30%-100% of credit bonds, and credit bond investments rated AA+ account for credit bonds. It is 0-70%, and the ratio of credit bonds invested in AA debt rating to credit bonds is 0-20%.At the same time, the fund invests in convertible bonds (including separate transactionsConvertible bond). The proportion of exchangeable bonds shall not exceed 20% of the total value of the fund’s assets.

The fund is managed by Ma Long and Hou Jie as fund managers.Ma Long graduated with a PhD in economics and joined in July 2009TEDA Manulife Fund, As a researcher, engaged in macroeconomics, bondsmarketing strategy, Stock market strategy research work, joined in November 2012China Merchants FundFixed income investment department, former researcher, currently deputy director of fixed income investment department, and fund manager.Among them, the investment industry managed by Ma LongBond fund, Won the Golden Bull Award many times.

(Source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network)

Article source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network

Editor in charge: DF010

Original title: Jinniu Fund Manager takes the lead in China Merchants Ruiying Hybrid Fund on sale on July 12

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