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Kenya: green economy, Nairobi wants to export its products to European markets

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The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (Keproba) met European Union (EU) trade advisers last week in Nairobi to seek market opportunities for Kenyan products in the European trading bloc, with a focus on export related to sustainability and SMEs.

“Kenya is working to become a 21st century exporter. It’s not just about how we export and trade, we need to provide leadership in terms of the green economy,” said Chief Secretary of the Kenya State Department of Commerce, Alfred K’Ombundo, reiterating the need to “meet our commitments international markets, especially in the efficient use of energy resources in our production processes. We want to have more products sold on premium terms in markets around the world.”

For his part, Keproba Chief Executive Floice Mukabana said that “as an agency tasked with promoting the export of Kenyan goods and services, we remain committed to supporting market linkages between the Kenyan business community and their counterparts in the ‘EU”. “We will hold more meetings of this type to strengthen collaborations and minimize the barriers that hinder trade between Kenya and the EU,” she added.

In 2021, the value of Kenya’s exports to the EU stood at $1.9 billion.

EU trade adviser to the Republic of Kenya, Martijin Boelen, highlighted the need to adhere to stringent regulations to meet sustainability criteria dear to European consumers. “There is a huge market in the EU waiting for Kenyan products, but if you trade with us, you need to make sure that everything you produce is sustainable,” Boelen said. [Da Redazione InfoAfrica]

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