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Messina Denaro, audio against Falcone. Baiardo approached Paolo Berlusconi

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Messina Denaro, audio against Falcone.  Baiardo approached Paolo Berlusconi

Messina Denaro’s unedited audio to his friend: “These ceremonies for Falcone block me in traffic”

It’s May 23, 2022, the day of commemoration of the massacres in Palermo, and Messina Denaro is sensationally late. Send an audio to a woman who became friends with him during chemotherapy to justify herself: «I’m here, stuck, with all 4 flat tires. That is, not in the sense of punctures, but blocked because I’m on the asphalt and I can’t move. For the commemorations of this shit. Holy shit.”

Corriere della Sera reports everything, which today publishes a series of audio messages sent by the boss to his friend before the arrest and which will be broadcast this evening on La7 in Non è l’arena. Listening to him “makes an impression – comments Giletti to Corriere della Sera -, you have the feeling that he is another person at that moment”. But the woman doesn’t get suspicious, she seems to her like the outburst of a motorist.

In 2011 Baiardo, close to the Gravianos, tried to get in touch with Berlusconi

In the meantime, Repubblica instead tells that Salvatore Baiardo, the ice cream man who had protected the Graviano family who had recently become famous for his “prophecy” about the arrest of Messina Denaro, “he tried to knock on the door” of Silvio Berlusconi at the time of the prime minister in office. According to La Repubblica, “the Prime Minister would not have replied, but it was another Berlusconi, Paolo, the younger brother of the then head of government who gave Baiardo the audience. It is a story that the anti-mafia prosecutor has been investigating for two years of Florence. Why did Baiardo want to talk to Silvio Berlusconi? Can we suspect that the Graviano man of trust wanted to blackmail the premier?” Republic asks.

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According to Repubblica, “at the end of the conversation, which takes place in via Negri, the premier’s brother calls Giancame and says: «Mimmo (Domenico Giancame, ed), you are a witness: this person – indicating Baiardo – has come to say things that they concern my brother to discredit him”. Giancame is now in service at the prime minister’s office. Called to testify by the prosecutors, he has no doubts about the words Paolo Berlusconi spoke and the context in which the conversation took place”.

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