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Meta Announces New Tools for WhatsApp Business, Including Flows and Account Verification

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Meta Announces New Tools for WhatsApp Business, Including Flows and Account Verification

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced new tools for WhatsApp Business that will benefit companies and brands. One of these tools is called Flows, which allows users to make reservations within the chat itself, without having to exit the app. This feature aims to provide a seamless experience for customers.

In addition, Meta has introduced account verification for WhatsApp Business, which aims to enhance authenticity and provide increased protection for users. This verification process will offer additional functions and features to verified companies.

According to Meta, more than one billion people contact company accounts through their messaging services each week, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This statistic highlights the popularity and importance of messaging for customer communication.

Research has shown that 71 percent of people prefer to contact businesses through messaging rather than making a phone call or sending an email. This preference has led Meta to expand the possibilities within WhatsApp Business, aiming to improve the customer experience through chat.

The Flows feature enables businesses to offer more detailed reservation options and order placements directly through the chat. For example, customers can select their preferred seat on a train ticket or order a meal from a comprehensive menu.

Flows will be available to businesses worldwide through the WhatsApp Business Platform in the coming weeks. However, paid chats are currently only available in India, where Meta has introduced expanded payment methods. This allows users to add items to their shopping cart and make payments within the chat itself, without the need to exit the conversation.

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Meta has also announced the extension of ‘verified companies’ to WhatsApp. This new feature aims to reinforce the authenticity of businesses and helps users identify that they are chatting with the correct company. Companies interested in becoming verified must undergo an authentication process with Meta to obtain the verified account badge. Verified companies will also receive additional benefits such as phishing protection, enhanced support, and premium features.

Initially, the ‘verified companies’ feature will be tested with small businesses using WhatsApp Business before it is extended to all users of the service. This initiative aims to provide users with a more secure and trustworthy messaging experience.

In conclusion, Meta’s new tools for WhatsApp Business, including Flows and account verification, aim to improve customer experience, enhance authenticity, and offer additional protection for users. These features are part of Meta’s efforts to expand the possibilities of messaging and provide businesses with more comprehensive tools for customer communication.

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