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Olaf Scholz in China: How to deal with China?

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Olaf Scholz in China: How to deal with China?

Together, Beijing and Moscow are, again and again, corroborating the preventive war theses of the “Joint Statement” from February 2022. NATO is accused of “ideologized cold war approaches” and the cementing of “closed bloc structures” in order to gain “unilateral military advantages”. – and in order to be able to “defend” itself against it in time: This is how China has stifled Hong Kong’s freedom. China moves red lines in the South China Sea almost every day. And so China is now shamelessly preparing for the military conquest of Taiwan.

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And Scholz? The world just seems to want to go back a bit to the blissful Schröder and Merkel years. He seems to want to see himself as a kind of chief manager of the economic nation and is now taking on a huge delegation of top managers – including Roland Busch (Siemens), Oliver Blume (VW), Ola Källenius (Mercedes), Oliver Zipse (BMW), Markus Kamith (BASF ), Miguel Lopez (Thyssenkrupp) – on board, just as if China didn’t really have anything to do with the “turning point” that Putin has been forcing on the West for more than two years. Just as if he wasn’t interested in his own China strategy and all the talk about “de-risking”.

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