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Online shopping is comparable to offline experience, and JD Mobile has launched a one-stop service system | Technology Frontline_User_Service_Consumption

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Online shopping is comparable to offline experience, and JD Mobile has launched a one-stop service system | Technology Frontline_User_Service_Consumption

Original title: Online purchase is comparable to offline experience, JD Mobile launches a one-stop service system | Technology Frontline

Titanium Media App reported on August 16 that JD.com held a press conference on the strategic upgrade of the “service-oriented consumer supply chain”. At this conference, JD.com proposed that it will meet the changes in users’ purchasing needs and improve users’ ultimate purchasing experience in the future. , around the omni-channel layout of instant retail and purchase service experience, to bring users a one-stop purchase service system.

The data shows that due to the influence of various environmental factors, consumers’ enthusiasm for consumption of electronic products such as mobile phones is declining, and the proportion of consumers in the market who are still in the buying and watching stage has reached 26%, and the replacement cycle of domestic users is also further. Lengthened to 27 months. At the same time, the inventory of mobile phone manufacturers also reached the highest point in Q1 of 2022. After that, with the promotion activities such as 618, the inventory decreased, but it was still at a high level in the past two years.

From the perspective of overall mobile phone sales, since reaching a high of 546 million units in 2016, the domestic mobile phone market sales have been in a downward trend, but the overall size of the market has not shrunk significantly. In other words, after the popularization of smartphones is completed, the core of market competition has shifted from expanding new users outside the border to upgrading existing users’ equipment.

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With the increase in user upgrade demand, online channels such as e-commerce and live broadcast are also emerging simultaneously. The latest data shows that the average price of products sold online has begun to surpass offline, and more users have begun to use e-commerce channels to buy. High-end smartphone products.

With this as the background, JD.com has started to build its own service-oriented consumer supply chain. Different from the previous service experience of focusing on sales and distribution, JD.com will launch and improve the “30-day worry-free trial” service for new and fresh products, so that online users can You can start to experience the new machine when you go out, and you can return it directly if you are not satisfied.

For the second-hand products eliminated by users, JD.com also covers trade-ins, in addition to unlimited broken screensaver services to solve the problem of after-sale broken mobile phone screens, as well as more than 40 basic services such as lists, shopping guides, hourly purchases, and 180-day replacement without repair. and value-added services.

As a part of the omni-channel strategy, JD.com has also become a connection structure between online and offline channels in the mobile phone industry. It has changed the model of a single-brand franchise store, which can expand the coverage of mobile phone brands and give users more choices. And JD.com’s “hourly purchase” service under the instant retail model can also allow users to experience the feeling of “new machines are available immediately”.

At present, JD.com’s “Hourly Shopping” has covered more than 410 cities and more than 20,000 stores. Users can receive new phones within one hour of placing an order, which has improved the digitalization and fulfillment capabilities of mobile phone stores.

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During the event, JD.com also announced that it will launch a light contract business with its operator partners, allowing users to more easily get purchase subsidies, simplify the purchase process, and provide more diverse and flexible consumption methods. In addition to improving the user purchase process, JD.com will also rely on the “responsible supply chain” and continue to use digital and intelligent technology to connect and optimize various supply chain links such as social production, circulation, consumption, and services to help supply. Digital-real fusion of chains.(This article was first published on Titanium Media App)

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