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Paola Barale from Monica Setta presents the book “It’s not the end of the world”

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Paola Barale to Generation Zeta

Paola Barale from Monica Setta: “At 56 I’m still waiting for love”

Paula BaraleAfter very truewill present in Rai preview his bookIt’s not the end of the world.” The appointment is for Tuesday night, May 9, in the living room of Monica sect during the thirteenth episode of his show Generation Z on air Rai 2. Paola will tell Monica Setta and the boys of Genz with an open heart, remembering hers adolescence in Fossanothe audition with Mike Good morning e his family from “Mulino Bianco” with father and mother married for 60 years, without ever a quarrel. Barale will also (and perhaps above all) talk about love and his most intimate private life told in the book.


Writing this book has done me a lot of goodI realized that I thought I had definitively archived some situations in my life that, instead, I hadn’t resolved yet”, explains Paola. “In my book I told about when I was diagnosed with early menopause and at the beginning it was a real shock, even if then, I learned to live with it and I no longer made a problem of it”.

From no to reality shows (“They always ask me but I just did Dancing because it was a good experience even if I got injured afterwards”) to her plan b as a girl, i.e. becoming a gymnastics teacher, Paola Barale will confess to the boys that she still believes in love despite disappointments and betrayals. “Yes, I think that somewhere a soul mate exists, you just have to be lucky enough to meet it“. For example, at 56, great love is still waiting for him.

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