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Pichetto: “Let’s invest four billion for synthetic fuels”

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Pichetto: “Let’s invest four billion for synthetic fuels”

Italy puts four billion on synthetic fuels

L’Italia is ready to investfour billion in the next two to three years by and synthetic fuels such as e-fuel”, waiting for the European Union to reconsider, in 2026, the issue of biofuels. He stated it the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin at the Italian-Spanish summit.

“We are in total agreement on e-fuel but what we are asking is for scientific evaluation technological neutrality – added the minister. – We have raised the topic of biofuels. Certainly e-fuel pollutes less but it will arrive in 2028 so i biofuels were for a phase of transition“.

‘Our commitment to hydrogen, which is the basis for e-fuels, is very strong and we are very much in agreement with e-fuels – added Pichetto. – What we want, and we ask for the solidarity of Spain which will assume the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU, And scientifically evaluate technological neutrality , also with reference to biofuels”. “These are assessments to be made – she concluded – and then the technological neutrality of biofuels is not proven one gives upbut we will ask the EU to make these assessments”.

The difficult transition

Meanwhile, the automotive industry is dealing with the EU decision of ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2035 in favour of electric ed e-fuel. A lift difficult iton l’occupational emergency which derives from it (according to the estimates of the builders s200,000 jobs are at risk, without considering related industries). And one of the open questions concerns the conversion of the Stellantis plant in Termoli.

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“Today we had a first interim meeting with the officials of the Made in Italy and Business Ministry, to explain the problems that are arising in the process of conversion of Termoli from an engine factory owned by Stellantis to a battery factory owned by Acca joint venture owned by Stellantis itself together with Total and Mercedes”: the unions explain in a joint note, explaining that it is “a positive conversion initiative, which should receive hundreds of millions of public contributions” and that “noot can be distorted and become an occupation tragedy due to superficiality or negligence”.

In fact, the unions continue, “today we are proceeding to hire some workers from scratch, without any agreement with the union on the methods and above all without any commitment to offer relocation to all Stellantis employees. Not only is this dangerous in itself, but it collides with the fact that there are not enough social safety nets to accompany the process which should even end in 2030″. For these reasons, the unions specify, “we reiterated that an urgent and contextual confrontation is needed both with Stellantis and with Acc, under the direction of the government.” The commitments of full employment protection for all workers in Termoli must be confirmed – concludes the note – with a precise program for the transition from one factory to another“.

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