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Renault 5 Electric: bidirectional charging to become a source of energy

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Renault 5 Electric: bidirectional charging to become a source of energy

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Bevs become energy accumulators thanks to V2G technology. The solution of the new lithium-ion model of the Lozenge brand.

With the launch of the Renault 5, Mobilize inaugurates the V2G service which will allow owners of the new compact electric model to save on home recharges and reduce their electricity bill overall by powering the home from their car and reselling the electricity on the market. energy, opting for carbon neutral electricity and thus contributing to the energy transition. Mobilize V2G will also be available on future Renault brand BEVs. This consists of the fact that, thanks to the vehicle-to-grid technology, recharging becomes bidirectional: the Mobilize V2G service allows not only to interrupt recharging at peak consumption moments, but also to return electricity to the home, especially when it is expensive, and to the mains when the latter is heavily stressed. Instead, recharging takes place when there is plenty of energy in the network and, therefore, is less expensive. Developed by Software République in collaboration with technology partner IoTecha Corp, the Mobilize Powerbox station communicates with the car and the cloud to recharge the battery or send electricity to the grid, depending on battery charging needs, household needs and incentives of the energy market and the public network. Produced in Beaupréau-en-Mauges in the Department of Maine-et-Loire, in the electronic assembly plant of Lacroix, the bidirectional station will have a power ranging from 7 to 22 kW. It will be compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Mobilize V2G service will be available from the launch of the Renault 5 in 2024 in France and Germany and later in 2025 in the UK.

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