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Renzi: Meloni Sleeping Beauty. Minimum salary? Catwalk for social media

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Renzi: Meloni Sleeping Beauty.  Minimum salary?  Catwalk for social media

Government: Renzi, Meloni sleeping beauty. Left his crutch

“They made a catwalk on social media about the minimum wageit can be fixed at 10 euros but only by lowering taxes on businesses”. This is supported by the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzi, in an interview with La Stampa. Renzi was the only opposition leader not to participate in last Friday’s meeting at Palazzo Chigi and his party was the only one not to sign the unitary proposal on the minimum wage. Meloni, Renzi continues, “sends the ball back to the Cnel, delegitimizing its majority and the Minister of Labour”. Not only that: for Renzi the proposal on the Cnel is “a mockery of the opposition”, “you are in government, you are not a study centre”. In short, on the minimum wage “everything is still on the high seas”.

“Meloni plays the sleeping beauty in the woodsyet he has been in government for almost a year. Does he have an idea? You take it out. I have the impression that the premier has not taken into account the next budget law. My accounts lack over thirty billion”. Renzi does not agree with the tax on bank extra profits: “done this way” “doesn’t bring in a euro, because it costs the state, even if only in terms of capitalization, more than what it collects. And moreover Meloni has lost international credibility by chasing the polls”.

For the left, Iv goes towards the majority: “They are wrong, it is the left that acts as a crutch for Meloni”, “I remain in opposition”. And the relationship with Calenda? “I don’t chase his statements because he says everything and the opposite of everything”. Finally, for Renzi, in view of the European championships, “Meloni is solid. Maybe something will change in the team”. In a year’s time, the ex premier predicts, “he will be at the head of a reshuffled government but without us” and “the centrists, including Italians, are decisive in Europe”.

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