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Rokid and Lost City 1933 Partner to Create Immersive AR Experience Space in Shanghai

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Rokid and Lost City 1933 Partner to Create Immersive AR Experience Space in Shanghai

Rokid and Lost City 1933 Collaborate to Create Immersive AR Experience Space

Shanghai, China – Rokid and Lost City 1933 have joined forces in a strategic cooperation to build an immersive city-level AR experience space. This collaboration aims to bring together the charm of century-old buildings and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology, creating a unique and captivating experience for visitors.

The Metaverse Application Scenario Achievement Exhibition, held on July 6 during the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2023) in Shanghai, served as the platform for the announcement of this partnership. The partnership was formalized through a strategic cooperation agreement signed between Rokid, a leading domestic cultural tourism operator, Shiji Cultural Tourism Group, and Lost City 1933.

The concept of the “Metaverse” involves the integration of the virtual world with the real society, providing a platform for interactive experiences. In line with this, Shanghai recently issued the “Shanghai City’s Action Plan for Cultivating the “Metaverse” New Track (2022-2025)”, which sets a target of achieving a related industry scale of 350 billion yuan by 2025.

As part of Shanghai’s efforts to develop the Metaverse, the city launched the “Unveil the List and Lead” collection to identify major application scenarios for the Metaverse. In the cultural tourism category, Lost City 1933, based on the iconic 1933 Old Workshop, was selected as one of the first major application scenarios.

The 1933 Old Workshop, located in the North Bund area of Shanghai, is a significant cultural heritage site known for its architectural beauty. The combination of this historical landmark and cultural tourism IP has already attracted a significant number of young consumers.

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Lost City 1933 utilizes underlying Metaverse technology, new interactive terminals, and virtual content to create an immersive and educational space for smart tourism. By merging science fiction and popular science content, visitors are transported into a parallel universe where they can explore and learn.

Rokid, known for its expertise in AR technology, is focused on creating innovative entertainment projects in urban spaces. This collaboration with Lost City 1933 represents another step towards their goal of refining and implementing Metaverse policies.

Shiji Cultural Tourism, a partner in this cooperation, is an IP investment operator that applies virtual-real linkage solutions in its Metacity project. This collaboration aims to provide visitors with a unique Metaverse experience that seamlessly integrates offline and online content.

Both Rokid and Lost City 1933 express their excitement for this partnership and the opportunities it presents. They are committed to enhancing visitor experiences by leveraging AR technology to provide superimposed information and content in real space, making the creative process more enjoyable.

Chen Xi, Vice President of Rokid and head of the digital cultural affairs department, stated, “Digital technology represented by AR is changing the traditional experience of cultural and entertainment spaces. In this cooperation, we will fully support the development of Shanghai’s Metaverse industry and empower real-world spaces with Rokid’s city-level AR space solution.”

The collaboration between Rokid and Lost City 1933 signifies the growing integration of technology with urban spaces, revolutionizing the entertainment consumption experience. Together, they aim to create more landmark city-level space experiences and promote the comprehensive integration of digital formats and urban spaces.

As immersive experiences become the norm in entertainment consumption, Rokid and its industry partners will continue to push the boundaries to create diverse and immersive AR experiences for consumers across the country.

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Sohu – July 7, 2023

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