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Scurati, Rai supervision defused: no hearing for Corsini and Bortone

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Scurati, Rai supervision defused: no hearing for Corsini and Bortone

Majority rejects Corsini and Bortone hearing in Supervision

The Rai Supervisory Commission defused. There will be no adoption of the Rai Insight director Paolo Corsini and the presenter of ‘Che will be’ Serena Bortone after Antonio Scurati’s failure to participate in the Rai3 program. As he writesAnsa, the majority voted against the proposal advanced by Stefano Graziano (Pd) and supported by the entire opposition, with the motivation of wanting to await the outcome of the internal investigation.

It didn’t even pass the minority’s request to listen to Corsini and Bortone after the hearing of the Rai top management scheduled for 8 May. But the controversies don’t end here. In fact, this morning on Radio Anch’io on Rai Radio 1, after that host Giorgio Zanchini asked FdI senator Ester Mieli if she was Jewish, another political-media case was born.

As reported LaPresse in the program the protests against Israel were discussed in Italian universities and on American campuses. The preliminary question posed by the host provoked a reaction from Mieli, who replied: “But do you ask all the guests what religion they are? Are they Catholic or evangelical? I don’t think some things because I am of the Jewish religion and the respect and freedom applies to everyone and religion has nothing to do with it” and “my thoughts are not bound to my being Jewish”.

The Rai journalist then explained that the question was asked to clarify “the point of view” of the guest and “because I imagine that his sensitivity towards the American protests is a little more acute”, to finally admit live that “I made a mistake, I won’t ask again”.

The case also reached the Rai Supervisory Commission: in this morning’s session – as far as we know LaPresse the FdI deputies asked to audit the Rai top management on this, as well as the journalist. At that point the opposition asked to reevaluate the previous vote with which the commission rejected Corsini and Bortone’s request for a hearing.

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