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Scurati vs Melonian Rai: when editorial anti-fascism becomes a business

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Scurati vs Melonian Rai: when editorial anti-fascism becomes a business

Scurati vs Melonian Rai: when editorial anti-fascism becomes a business

Antonio Scurati was raped. He made the sad story known himself. The Neapolitan writer was raped in Viale Mazzini, the RAI headquarters. However, those who perpetrated the crime were not a gang of thugs but rather the top management of the Italian state television, Rai.

The instigator of the heinous crime was a woman: the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni together with the entire centre-right government in the guise of co-hitmen. The victim herself revealed it to the nation yesterday. Antonio Scurati from Naples, aged 54, winner of the Strega Prize in 2019 for the novel “M. the son of the century” then replied in 2020 with “M. The man of providence” and in 2022 “M. The last days of Europe” while the world public is eagerly waiting for the fourth volume of the series. For those who don’t know, “M.” stands for “Mussolini”.

In the meantime, S. has written a series of apparently committed essays, with titles as suggestive as a cod in the Sahara. The general public has come to know him also for his vague appearance hieratic it’s surely unsettling who strangely resembles an android from Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott, the one who undergoes a psychological interrogation to ascertain whether he is human.

But why, in his opinion, did the writer even suffer violence from a woman? It’s true that in these crazy and desperate times anything can happen but let’s try to understand better. The place of the outing is the usual one, that place of psychoanalytic confessions that is La Repubblica where the writer complained, shouting at the censors, about the cancellation of his monologue on April 25th, an ideological slush with Curare that had to be offered to the unsuspecting spectators in the Rai broadcast, a national public service, Caesar willhosted by Serena Bertone, who was also very indignant and did not miss the opportunity of her minute of visibility.

Having learned that she was the instigator of the violence, Giorgia Meloni wanted to explain what happened, according to her official Rai version. The reason for the dispute is a very short, almost ephemeral in the sense of biology, monologue on April 25th and so far nothing strange. The point is that Scurati then digressed, attacking Meloni herself and the government guilty – according to him – of not having sufficiently abjured fascism.

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But the thing that rightly led to the elimination of the piece was, again according to Rai and Meloni, the stellar figure requested by S., “the son of cunning”: 1,800 euros for an ideological declamation of just one minute is called one. The Prime Minister pointed out that 1,800 euros is more than the average salary that a Rai employee gets and that this seemed to the company – how to say – a little exaggerated. Meloni then published the entire text on her social networks and in fact it can be seen that it is her own poor in terms of writing but also in content, being based on the usual ideology and rhetoric, this is worthy of the twenty-year period. It must also be said that Scurati, as a true “son of cunning”, was able to exploit the worldwide traction that the Benito Mussolini topic generates, even making a lot of money on it. A bit like those atheists who make boatloads of money by highlighting the word “God” which they say they don’t believe in but which they are evidently fascinated by.

Il centre-right government Since the date of his election, he has been very clear in condemning events that are very distant in time, such as fascism, openly criticizing even the worst aspects, such as the infamous racial laws which led to a crime such as the genocide of the Jews, i.e. the Shoah which precisely left often forgets in its heartfelt love for Hamas. The centre-right government has also proven to be a reliable Atlantic partner, a cohesive group that represents a modern right fully inserted in a fully bipolar system.

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Scurati – shortly after his appointment as Head of Government – defined Giorgia Meloni as “the heir of Benito Mussolini”.

Demagogically bringing up a very distant past it is the equivalent of attacking, for example, Elly Schlein because she was a direct heir to Joseph Stalin’s crimes. We know this isn’t the case, but the poison of ideology still roams the prairies of politics and Scurati’s case is the most striking representation of this.

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