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Stellantis, the Fiat Panda will be produced in Pomigliano until at least 2027. Here is the special “Pandina” series

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Stellantis, the Fiat Panda will be produced in Pomigliano until at least 2027. Here is the special “Pandina” series

POMIGLIANO D’ARCO – A special series, renamed Pandina, which extends the life of the Panda in the Pomigliano d’Arco factory. On the anniversary of the launch of one of the successful models of the Fiat brand, on 29 February 1980, it was presented by the President of the Italian Republic, Sandro Pertini, the CEO of the Stellantis group brand, Olivier Francoislifts the veil on a new example of the species.

Fiat has chosen the stage for the presentation the Giambattista Vico factory in Pomigliano d’Arco, in Southern Italy, where the Panda has been produced since 2011. “The new Fiat Pandina is a tribute to Italians’ love for the Panda. Pandina is the nickname Italians have always called it. I am proud of present this special series on a special day, in fact, I can also announce that Panda will continue to be produced in Pomigliano d’Arco until at least 2027”.

The relationship between Panda and Italy will continue for several years thanks to new investments that make it more technological and safe. It is the market leader in Italy and Europe with over 8 million units sold during its forty-four year history. Last year, according to the Fim-Cisl report, Pomigliano d’Arco produced 30% more production compared to 2022 with 215 thousand cars assembled, of which 132 thousand Pandas. More than 4,300 people work at the site. And the solidarity contracts ended in January.

They are also produced on the site The Alfa Romeo Tonale and the Dodge Hornet. “We have decided to increase production by 20% to meet customer demand in Italy and Europe – Francois now explains – Panda continues to be the market leader in Italy and segment leader in Europe: and it is also the only hybrid of segment A of the Stellantis group”, remarks the CEO.

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The “special” is equipped with new advanced driver assistance systems, a new digital dashboard and a new steering wheel. The standard equipment includes brand new functions designed to assist the driver both in the city and outside: the automatic emergency braking systemto reduce rear-end collisions, the system maintenance of the roadwaythe detector of tiredness to warn the driver when he is tired. Also included is the road sign recognitionwhich detects and recognizes road signs by displaying them on the new 7-inch fully digital instrument panel.

Moving from safety to convenience, i rear parking sensors ensure maximum simplicity when parking on crowded city streets, while the cruise control maintains the set speed – starting from 30 km/h – without pressing your foot on the accelerator pedal. The automatic high beams then automatically adapt the lighting to traffic conditions, making night driving easier for the driver. Furthermore, 6 airbag complete the standard safety equipment. Most of the features are handled by one camera mounted on the interior rearview mirror.

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The design

The new 7-inch fully digital instrument panel with three different graphic modes and a renewed steering wheel. The Pandina is also equipped with a brand new 7” touchscreen DAB Radio with Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM. From a design point of view, it features a new white painted dashboard fascia and new seats with monogram and “Pandina” logo in reliefdouble yellow stitching, white details and Seaqual yarn containing a sustainable and fully traceable raw material made from marine waste.

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The exteriors are enriched with playful details such as the panda face on the hubcap, the yellow rear-view mirror caps, the Pandina writing on the side moldings and the “Pandina” screen printing on the rear window. In addition to the existing colors – Bianco Gelato, Nero Cinema, Rosso Passione and Blu Italia – Pandina offers the new Giallo Positano and new two-tone combinations, contrasting black roof.

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