Home Business Tavares meets the unions in Mirafiori: “Stellantis does not think about mergers but the government needs incentives for four years”

Tavares meets the unions in Mirafiori: “Stellantis does not think about mergers but the government needs incentives for four years”

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Tavares meets the unions in Mirafiori: “Stellantis does not think about mergers but the government needs incentives for four years”

Incentives to buy cars? “It will take four to five years to make electric vehicles accessible.” The future of Turin and of the Italian plants? “We have a step by step approach. There is no shortage of projects, when we realize them we will announce them”. Conflict in Ukraine? “Stellantis wants peace”. Mergers and acquisitions? “No thanks”. The managing director of Stellantis Carlos Tavares, from Mirafiori, after meeting the leaders of the metalworking unions, returns to various topics, starting with the issue of support for the sale of electric cars.

From Turin, while a tug-of-war is underway in Rome between the ministers of the Draghi government over the dpcm that should launch the support for the purchase of cars, he intervenes on the issue. “What are we asking governments? We do not create problems, but we want to solve them. The problem that must be solved is to make clean mobility accessible. We must make these cars usable by removing the barriers that exist today. Today an electric vehicle costs 50% more. of traditional ones and in the next four to five years we will do our best to reduce costs, but at the same time the middle class must be supported in buying. We expect governments in Europe to support this for four to five years, with a stability and vision of the rules for the next four to five years. And then the infrastructure plans must be financed, starting with the columns.

All this will allow us to work in a concentrated and resilient way. “Tavares sums up his position as follows:” The car is not a bad thing, especially if it is as clean and safe as the car we are making. Affordability must be ensured for these cars from now until 2025. In the meantime, we will cut costs. It is a question of democracy, of freedom of movement. There is a need for alignment between these two issues, not just declarations, but concrete plans. We will do our part. “On the plant in Russia in Kaluga, near Moscow, Tavares stresses that” we have already condemned all the violence and attacks, stopped imports and exports. And the Kaluga plant will stop operations because it has no components. I hope that peace will return so that our company supports peace “.

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With respect to the meeting with the governor of Piedmont and the mayor of Turin, Alberto Cirio and Stefano Lo Russo, Tavares underlines that it was an “excellent” comparison. “We discussed several ideas. Profitable ideas for the future. Now we will study business plans and I expect projects, important projects to materialize in the coming months. These are initiatives not only on pure production, but on new related services and activities. to the circular economy. I am optimistic, but we will move step by step. First we have to discuss with local partners and then we will announce what we will do “. The same approach also for the other Italian plants: “We have already announced what has already been decided, based on the Dare Forward 2030 plan. There will be 75 full electric models that will be produced in Europe and partly in Italy. The only risk that we see is the status quo, the status quo that cannot be maintained “. Regarding the possibility of mergers, Tavares’ answer is dry: “No, we don’t need it. We have a plan, a noble goal, excellent teams, excellent relations with the unions in all countries. We like to compete, run, compete, we don’t have need for acquisitions and mergers, but let’s look at what’s happening around us. “

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