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Tax decree, green light from the Senate Commissions: stop Tari for the Church, mini-extension on the folders

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MILANO – After the slowdowns and obstructions of recent days, the tax-work decree linked to the Maneuver was approved overnight by the Finance and Labor Commissions of the Senate. Among the approved changes are the mini-extension for folders and the possibility of cumulation between invalidity allowance and earned income. The provision is expected today in the Chamber, the text will then pass to the Chamber for the second reading and the final ok.

For folders, in particular, they are expected nine more days for the payment of the scrapping-ter and the balance and excerpt, which was expected at the end of November. The government put a stop to the requests of the parties, which pushed together to postpone the deadline to 2022, and in the end in the fiscal dl it set the deadline at December 9, destined to arrive at the 14 with the five days of tolerance. In the opposite direction to a recent sentence of the Supreme Court, the senators then approved an amendment of the Democratic Party which exempts the Church from paying the waste tax. No more Tari for basilicas of San Giovanni in Laterano, of Santa Maria Maggiore, of San Paolo and other buildings, including the papal palace of Castel Gandolfo, the Gregorian University, the two palaces of Sant’Apollinare and the House of exercises for the Clergy of San Giovanni and Paolo.

Among the few changes that have received the ok also the almost unambiguous request of the parties to extend the times for paying the suspended files during the Covid emergency that the Revenue Agency has started by thirty days, from 150 to 180 to send in September to taxpayers. There will also be more time, until January 16, 2022, to pay the amicable notices due between March 8 and May 31, 2020 which should have been made by September 16, 2020 or, in the case of payment in installments, by 16. December 2020 but whose collection was suspended due to the pandemic. There is also a squeeze for appeals that taxpayers can file if recipients of a payment note that they believe has never been notified.

Another front on which the political forces have united is the Patent Box, asking the government to review the news on the optional regime of preferential taxation on income deriving from the use of software protected by copyright and industrial patents, contested by several parties, especially by Confindustria. Pressing for now in vain: the executive, however, has undertaken to reformulate the rule in the coming weeks in maneuver. In the discussion on the budget law the game on the cards will also be proposed again. Forza Italia presented an agenda shared by the other majority forces to commit the government to the extension to 2022. And in the complicated political dynamics of recent weeks an incident has been created in the center-right, with FdI asking, so far in vain, to the allies Azzurri to be able to put the first signature on the agenda, as a political recognition of his opposition role.

“My amendment to help I was finally and definitively approved in committee separated parents put in crisis by the consequences of Covid: they will receive financial aid of up to 800 euros per month to pay the maintenance allowance for children or former spouses, in case of economic difficulties “, is instead the announcement of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini .


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