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Tesla “call the name”?Blade battery concept stocks all rise, these small partners may benefit-Finance News

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[Hardcore Research Report]”High energy density + low cost”, power batteries are entering the era of high nickel! Institutions are clamoring that the long-term cost of high nickel batteries will approach iron-lithium batteries, and these industry chain leaders are accelerating their deployment (list)

Demand for high-end aluminum has entered an explosive period! The aluminumization rate of automobiles is accelerating, and transportation aluminum will become the largest application field of aluminum. These domestic leaders have become Boeing and Airbus qualified suppliers (list)

[Institution strongly recommends 7 shares]The company’s profitability has hit a record high, the reserves and production capacity of phosphate ore are among the top in the industry, and the market share of IC-grade phosphoric acid has reached 80%.

The next mobile phone terminal market! The big track that the tech giants focus on! Unlock the upstream supply pattern, two main-line Nuggets beneficiary stocks (list)

Tesla “call the name”? Blade battery concept stocks all rose, these small partners may benefit! |A large section

On August 6, the blade battery concept stocks were active,BYDAH shares rose,Hezong TechnologyNebulaStar source materialPenghui EnergyEtc. have risen to varying degrees. On the news, many media reported that BYD will supply Tesla with “blade batteries” in the second quarter of next year. Although BYD officially stated that it “does not comment,” the secondary market has already heard of chicken dancing. Can the blade battery concept be laid out? In the A-share market, which small partners may benefit? Click on the video to find out!

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