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The 2023 Xi’an International Auto Show: A Grand Platform for Automotive Technology and Innovation in the Northwest Region

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The 2023 18th Xi’an International Auto Show opened on October 1st at the Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center. Organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Huashang Newspaper, the auto show aims to provide a platform for consumers in the northwest region to experience automotive technology and innovation.

Covering an exhibition area of over 120,000 square meters, the Xi’an International Auto Show features more than 100 brand new models from over 100 brands. High-end brands such as Bentley, Lotus, BMW, Audi, and Cadillac are among the participants. Mainstream joint venture car companies like Volkswagen and Chinese car brands like Geely and Chery are also showcasing their latest models at the exhibition.

The auto show will host over 50 new car launch events, with notable debuts including the Lotus Type 25, Jaguar Land Rover’s Discovery Sport and Range Rover Sport, and Lincoln Navigator hybrid version. Independent Chinese brands are also making an impact with their popular new cars, including Xinlantu FREE and Jiyue 01.

New energy vehicles play a prominent role at the auto show, with brands like BYD, Weilai, and Xiaopeng showcasing their latest models. The exhibition aims to highlight technological advancements in the field of new energy vehicles and provide visitors with a better understanding of their capabilities.

In addition to cars, motorcycles and recreational vehicles (RVs) are also featured at the auto show. Motorcycle enthusiasts can expect brands like KTM, BMW, and Kawasaki to showcase their adrenaline-filled motorcycles, while RV brands like Longcui RV and SAIC Maxus will provide options for those looking for leisure travel experiences.

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During the auto show, visitors will have the opportunity to test drive various models and experience their features firsthand. Major manufacturers are offering exclusive policies and discounts aimed at fueling automobile consumption and making the car purchasing process more affordable.

To enhance the overall experience, a trendy lifestyle exhibition area has been set up at the auto show, providing visitors with an immersive scene experience and highlighting the personalized life of the new era. Exciting activities such as car drifting exhibitions, Gymkana experience competitions, and cultural performances further engage visitors and showcase the charm of automobile culture.

For those unable to attend the exhibition, a large-scale live broadcast event will be launched in collaboration with mainstream media in nine provinces. This allows online audiences to have a panoramic and immersive exhibition experience.

Overall, the 2023 Xi’an International Auto Show promises to be a spectacular event, offering a diverse range of cars, motorcycles, and RVs, as well as exciting activities and discounts for visitors to enjoy.

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