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The chip is not enough, the new energy giant plans to deliver the car first, and then reinstall the radar | Daily Economic News

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The shortage of chips has once again affected the ideal car.

Recently, in order to cope with the impact of the “lack of core” on the delivery of new cars, Ideal Motors released the “Communication of Ideal ONE Delivery Plan”. The ideal car said,Due to the impact of the epidemic in Malaysia, under the influence of force majeure, there is a serious shortage of chip supply for millimeter wave radar., Which affected the production and on-time delivery of Ideal ONE.

Ideal Motors said that after researching and formulating several delivery plans, the delivery experts will contact the owner within 4 days to communicate the specific plan details. It is understood that Ideal Car has opened a special delivery plan of “delivery first and then reinstall radar”, aiming to shorten the delivery time of users’ new cars by splitting the delivery process.

Picture source: every photo by reporter Sun Lei (data map)


Deliver the new car first, then reinstall the radar

According to the delivery plan made by Ideal Car, the vehicles originally scheduled for delivery in October and November of this year will only be equipped with one forward forward millimeter-wave radar and two rear-angle millimeter-wave radars, and it is planned to be between December this year and before the Spring Festival next year. The remaining two millimeter-wave radars will be reinstalled for users who pick up the car, and users who are scheduled to pick up the car in December will not be affected.

The ideal car said that models with only 3 millimeter-wave radars will not open the automatic merging and front crossing vehicle warning functions for the time being. Other ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) functions can be used normally, and the ideal car has also completed 3 radars. Model test. The later OTA (over-the-air download technology) of NOA (Assisted Driving System) needs to be upgraded after 5 radars have been reinstalled.

In addition, users can choose to pick up the 3 radar models in advance or wait for the 5 radar models to be delivered in December. Ideal cars will arrange the corresponding delivery according to the user’s opinions. Users who choose to pick up a car in a hurry and are willing to accept 3 radar models will be given a lifetime warranty + 10,000 points (approximately equal to 1,000 yuan).

Zhang Xiang, an analyst in the automotive industry, believes that the reduction in the number of radars has a certain impact on the autopilot function of vehicles, but the lack of automatic merging and other functions has little impact on the safety of the vehicle during driving, and its passive safety configuration can still play a role. Protective effects.

The current shortage of chips is plagued by car companies, and they have to “reduced allocation” to deal with it. For example, Cadillac previously announced that due to chip shortages, it would cancel the super cruise function from its flagship Escalade SUV model; General Motors also announced that it would produce a batch of light and full-size 2021 pickup trucks without a fuel management module.


Lack of core caused many car companies to decline in sales

In fact, before this, the ideal car was affected by the “lack of core”. On September 20 this year, Ideal Motors issued an announcement stating that due to the pandemic in Malaysia, the production of the company’s millimeter-wave radar suppliers’ dedicated chips has been severely hindered. Because the recovery speed of chip supply is slower than expected, the company expects the delivery of vehicles in the third quarter of 2021 to be approximately 24,500, compared with the previous forecast of vehicle deliveries between 25,000 and 26,000.

In this context, ideal car sales in September also fell month-on-month. Official data show that ideal cars sold 7,094 units in September, a decrease of 24.8% from the previous month.


Picture source: every photo by reporter Zhang Jian (data map)

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In response, Shen Yanan, co-founder and president of Ideal Auto, responded: “Due to the continued shortage of chip supply, Ideal Auto’s delivery volume in September has declined. We are taking more measures to ensure the supply of parts and components, hoping to ensure that as much as possible. This shortens the waiting period for users to pick up the car.”

In August of this year, Weilai Automobile also suffered a decline in sales due to chip shortages, with a month-on-month drop of 25.86%. In this regard, NIO said that the outbreak in Malaysia in August affected the production of STMicroelectronics, which is a supplier of Bosch ESP, which affected Bosch’s supply of NIO ESP.

In addition, a car salesperson at a NIO experience store in Shanghai also told the reporter of “Daily Economic News” during the National Day holiday this year: “The shortage of chip supply is even more tight than we thought. The waiting time for vehicles with different configurations is different. , As short as 1 month, as long as the end of the year. We can only suggest that customers order cars as early as possible.”

According to the latest forecast released by American consulting firm AlixPartners, the semiconductor shortage will result in a loss of US$210 billion in revenue for the global automotive industry in 2021, a significant increase from the US$110 billion estimated in May. Arrow Platinum predicts that in 2021, the total global auto net production will be reduced by 7.7 million vehicles.

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