Home Business The concept of digital renminbi continues to heat up, and listed companies increase their layout._Oriental Fortune Network

The concept of digital renminbi continues to heat up, and listed companies increase their layout._Oriental Fortune Network

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April 6, numberscurrencyConcept stocks rose collectively. in,Chu TianlongZhengtong ElectronicsWait for the limit.Recently, the Chinese peopleBankAnnounced the list of the third batch of digital RMB pilot areas, and expanded the pilot capacity to 23 cities. As the digital renminbi accelerates,Oriental GuoxinRadio and Television Expressand other related industrial chain listed companies to speed up their layout and seize the market opportunities brought by the digital renminbi.

Industry insiders said that the digital renminbi is expected to become the main line of financial technology throughout the year, looking at hardware in the short term, encryption in the medium term, and applications in the long term.

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On March 31, the Chinese peopleBankHeld a symposium on the pilot work of digital renminbi research and development, and proposed to expand the scope of the digital renminbi pilot in an orderly manner, adding Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Fujian, Xiamen, and Zhejiang to the existing pilot areas to host the Asian Games. Six cities (Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua) are used as pilot areas, and Beijing and Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province will be converted into pilot areas after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics scenarios are completed. With the announcement of the third batch of pilot areas, the digital renminbi pilot has been expanded to 23 cities.

Driven by favorable policy news, on April 6, digital currency concept stocks rose collectively. in,Chu TianlongZhengtong ElectronicsLegacy Cultureclosed daily limit,Shensi Electronicsrose more than 6%,Radio and Television Expressrose more than 4%.

The concept of digital renminbi continues to heat up.byChu TianlongFor example, since March 30, Chutianlong has achieved the daily limit for four consecutive trading days.The company announced abnormal fluctuations in stock trading on the evening of April 5announcement, the company has participated in the digital RMB pilot projects of a number of operating institutions, which are still in the pilot stage, and the relevant business income accounts for a low proportion of the company’s overall income. As of the close on April 6, Chutianlong reported a closing price of 26.94 yuan per share, with a total market value of 12.4 billion yuan.

At present, digital renminbi has formed a number of covers in the fields of wholesale and retail, catering, cultural tourism, and government affairs payment.Online and offline, The application mode that can be replicated and promoted. E.g,ICBCIn 2021, it will complete the industry’s first public digital RMB payment with the State Grid e-commerce platform; continue to carry out a series of “work-sharing” payment activities for the benefit of the people to promote the quality and expansion of consumption.ABCSaid that the bank realizes the function of exchanging digital RMB in the production environment, and fully supports online banking, mobile banking, outlets, and portable smart terminals in pilot areas to open and use wallets.Bank of ChinaSaid that the bank’s digital renminbi business meets many living needs such as ordering takeaways, paying electricity bills, charging bus cards, and purchasing Winter Olympics licensed commodities.

“As of December 31, 2021, there have been more than 8.0851 million digital RMB pilot scenarios, a total of 261 million personal wallets have been opened, and the transaction amount is 87.565 billion yuan.” The Chinese PeopleBankZou Lan, director of the Department of Financial Markets, said recently.

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GuoshengsecuritiesIt is believed that the significance of digital renminbi lies in the construction of a new electronic payment system, including a new account system, a new operating system (new operating agency/distribution agency, new clearing agency, new merchant-side charging policy, new consumer subsidy means) and The new software and hardware system is optimistic about the market opportunities brought by the digital renminbi’s reconstruction of China’s electronic payment industry chain.

  Shenwan HongyuanHe said that the digital renminbi is expected to become the main line of financial technology throughout the year, looking at hardware in the short term, encryption in the medium term, and applications in the long term.

With the acceleration of the implementation of the digital renminbi, a large number of systems need to be built and transformed, and listed companies in the fields of hardware wallets, encryption algorithms, and software ecological operations are stepping up their layout.

In terms of hardware,Shensi ElectronicsIt was previously stated that the company started the research and development of digital renminbi business supporting equipment and paved the way for the market, developed a variety of hardware products and supporting software, and cooperated with operating agencies in the construction of digital renminbi innovative application scenarios.Tianyu informationIn February, it said that the company’s digital RMB hard wallet related products are in the testing and marketing stage.

In terms of software ecological operation, on April 6,Oriental GuoxinAccording to the interactive platform, the subsidiary Shanghai Yitong has obtained the software copyright of the digital renminbi trading platform software, and is in the stage of joint innovation and exploration with the client bank in terms of digital renminbi and trading, and has already achieved the realization with several large state-owned banks and commercial banks. Different models of digital renminbi solutions are connected, and the solutions are organized into a standardized process.

  Radio and Television ExpressIt was announced on April 6 that the company currently has the ability to build a full-link digital renminbi scenario, and can provide digital renminbi integrated solutions including terminal products, system platforms, scenario solutions, and ecological operations, and has won the bid for 6 banks’ digital renminbi. Business system construction project with ChinaConstruction BankHainan Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the ecological construction of digital renminbi, and launched a digital renminbi operation project in Hainan.

In terms of encryption algorithms,Principal CenturyRecently, the company said that the company won the bidBank of BeijingThe digital currency project, with the subsequent promotion of digital currency applications, the company is expected to fully benefit from the increase in bank customer data security needs in this scenario.

In terms of application scenarios,Zhengyuan WisdomSaid that the company has signed cooperation agreements with banks of industry, agriculture, China, construction, and communication to carry out system construction or upgrade and equipment transformation for application scenarios such as campuses to support the application of digital renminbi scenarios; assist banks to issue digital renminbi to public Accounts and private accounts to increase the activity of digital renminbi applications.

(Article source: ChinasecuritiesReport · China Securities Network)

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