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The first domestically produced new crown oral drug is temporarily included in medical insurance reimbursement-China Daily

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The first domestically produced new crown oral drug is temporarily included in medical insurance reimbursement

Medical insurance funds can be paid according to regulations when insured patients use Azvudine tablets

Yesterday, the National Medical Insurance Administration said that the first domestically produced new crown oral drug can be temporarily included in medical insurance reimbursement.

The National Medical Insurance Bureau pointed out that in accordance with the relevant provisions of basic medical insurance, in order to better meet the needs of diagnosis and treatment, all drugs included in the diagnosis and treatment plan of new coronary pneumonia can be temporarily included in the scope of medical insurance payment. On August 9, the National Health and Health Commission has issued a notice to include Azvudine tablets in the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan, so when insured patients use the drug, the medical insurance fund can be paid according to regulations.

According to another report, on August 11, Fosun Pharma announced that the company, together with Real Bio, responded to the needs of local governments, and urgently deployed the anti-new coronary pneumonia small molecule oral drug Azvudine tablets to help many places across the country. Recently, they have been delivered to Henan and Hainan. , Xinjiang and other places. According to the price of medical insurance in various places, Azvudine tablets are priced at 270 yuan per bottle, 35 tablets per bottle, 1mg per tablet.

On July 25, Fosun Pharma announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Henan Zhenzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The two parties will jointly develop and exclusively commercialize Azvudine by the holding subsidiary Fosun Pharma Industry. Fosun Pharma will continue to pay close attention to this round of epidemic situation, and has made corresponding commercialization deployments, working with partners to fully guarantee the production and supply of drugs, and effectively meet the front-line needs of epidemic prevention and control.

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It is understood that Azvudine Tablets is an oral small-molecule novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment drug independently developed by my country. The Phase III registration clinical trial supporting its marketing application showed that Azvudine Tablets can significantly shorten the symptom improvement time of patients with moderate new coronavirus-infected pneumonia, increase the proportion of patients with improved clinical symptoms, and achieve clinically superior results.

In terms of inhibiting the effect of the new coronavirus, Azvudine can inhibit the activity of the new coronavirus. In addition, in terms of safety, Azvudine tablets were generally well tolerated, and there was no significant difference in the incidence of adverse events between the Azvudine group and the placebo group, and did not increase the risk of subjects.

On July 20, 2021, the State Food and Drug Administration has conditionally approved this product in combination with other reverse transcriptase inhibitors for the treatment of adult HIV-1 infected patients with high viral load. On July 25, 2022, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency conditional approval for Real Biological Azvudine Tablets to increase the registration application for new coronary pneumonia treatment indications for the treatment of common new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) adult patients. On August 9, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued a notice stating that according to the State Food and Drug Administration’s conditional approval of the application for the registration of azvudine tablets for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, it is necessary to further The antiviral treatment plan for novel coronavirus pneumonia has been improved. After research, the drug has been included in the “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Ninth Edition)”. According to the “Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol”, Azvudine Tablets is used to treat adult patients with common new type of coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). The dosage is to swallow the whole tablet on an empty stomach, 5 mg each time, once a day, and the course of treatment should not exceed 14 days.

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This is a conditional approval of an additional indication for the treatment of adult patients with common novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). Patients should strictly follow the instructions for medication under the guidance of a physician. (Reporter Xie Li Zhang Xin)

(Xie Li and Zhang Xin)

[Editor in charge: Xu Dan]

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