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The myth of work-life balance: Why employees are still unhappy

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The myth of work-life balance: Why employees are still unhappy

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Monheim on the Rhine (ots)

Work-life balance is on everyone’s lips. Employees hope for happiness and balance, while entrepreneurs build on increased performance and productivity.

But the truth is: Most employees are neither happier nor more productive through a supposedly optimal work-life balance. The reasons lie much deeper, says Thorsten Bader, managing director of a media company with 70 employees.

A lack of fulfillment and meaning in the job itself and a lack of freedom are the main causes of dissatisfaction.

“Work that is not fun and not fulfilling cannot be compensated for by a perfect balance between work and leisure time,” says Bader.

An attractive employer

Employers should therefore rely on a working atmosphere that offers freedom and responsibility and promotes further development opportunities. This is the only way employees can be fulfilled and happy. Since adopting this approach, productivity has increased, employee downtime has reduced, and our team members are happier,” states Bader.

Therefore, it is time to debunk the myth of work-life balance and instead recognize the importance of meaningful and fulfilling work.

5 tips to increase employee satisfaction

1. Meaningfulness of the activity: Employees feel fulfilled when they understand the meaning and purpose of their work and can identify with it.

2. Responsibilities and freedoms: More responsibility develops leadership skills, enables innovation, increases productivity and supports the personal and professional development of employees.

3. Appreciation and Recognition: Positive feedback and recognition of achievements by superiors promote well-being and motivation at work.

4. Positive working atmosphere: A friendly and supportive work environment where employees feel respected and safe greatly increases job satisfaction.

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5. Opportunities for further development: Employees who can develop professionally and see challenges as opportunities are happier and more engaged in their work.

These insights could lead to a rethink in the world of work, away from the superficial consideration of work-life balance towards a deeper understanding of satisfaction and fulfillment at work.

Bader’s conclusion: “The key to employee happiness and productivity lies less in work-life balance and more in meaningful work and a supportive work environment.

“It’s time to take this change of perspective seriously and implement it.”

AFM Media (AFM GmbH), based in Monheim am Rhein, has been in existence since 2020. Thorsten Bader as managing director and his team develop and impart high-quality knowledge for entrepreneurs and the self-employed in the areas of entrepreneurship, taxes and real estate.

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