Home Business The Service Trade Fair has ended. Service trade is still on the way. This year, the Service Trade Fair has achieved 1,339 achievements of various kinds, with a total of more than 250,000 visitors.

The Service Trade Fair has ended. Service trade is still on the way. This year, the Service Trade Fair has achieved 1,339 achievements of various kinds, with a total of more than 250,000 visitors.

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The Service Trade Fair has ended. Service trade is still on the way. This year, the Service Trade Fair has achieved 1,339 achievements of various kinds, with a total of more than 250,000 visitors.

At this year’s Environmental Services Exhibition at the National Convention Center of the Service Trade Fair, a climate change and dual-carbon economy exhibition area was specially set up.Photo by our reporter Gong Xin

□ Our reporter Liu Zheng

In the early morning of September 6, the banners of the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Fair for Trade in Services”) were printed on both sides of the roads in Beijing. drive out. This several-day major event that has aroused the concern of the whole society and aroused the enthusiasm of the whole city of Beijing has come to an end, waiting for the next golden autumn meeting.

It is reported that a total of 1,339 achievements of various kinds have been achieved in this session of the Service Trade Fair, and more than 100 new products and new technologies have debuted… Digital finance, virtual reality, medical and health, cultural tourism, education, green and low-carbon industries are brought to the exhibitors. The shock is still there. Service trade enterprises are waiting to apply the effect of the service trade fair to the development of enterprises, and the whole society is increasingly concerned about service trade.

Highlights: Green, Technology, Future

As stated in the theme of “Service Cooperation Promotes Development, Green Innovation and Embracing the Future” of this CIFTIS, greenness, innovation, and the future are the biggest highlights of this CIFTIS, as well as the key to the development of service trade enterprises at present and in the future.

See coverage in green –

From the “Oil, Gas and Hydrogen Electric Service” comprehensive energy station to the “Deep Sea No. 1” ultra-deep water gas field; from bamboo-wound composite materials to green financial projects that increase greenness and reduce carbon; from hydrogen energy vehicles that achieve zero carbon emissions to lower carbon emissions The construction site… Green and low carbon are not only fully displayed in the environmental service special exhibition area, but also repeatedly mentioned in other special exhibitions. A green future is the common expectation of the world today, and it is also the beautiful background of this CIFTIS.

Seeing Exploring in Technology——

The shape is round like a white whale SoReal’s “Jiaolong” manned deep-sea simulator is always lined up in front of the manned deep-sea simulator. Take this “little whale” signed by athletes from many countries during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and you can dive right in. Deep sea, come on a special adventure. According to reports, the SoReal “Jiaolong” manned deep-sea simulation experiencer uses a real Jiaolong scale outer warehouse shell model, seats and a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform. The experiencer can also complete the grasping task through the operation of the robotic arm.

my country’s first seven-axis dual-arm collaborative robot, 8K naked-eye 3D display screen, panoramic AI skin detector, new crown vaccine for Omicron strain… The special hall of the China Service Trade Achievement Exhibition will focus on the development achievements of my country’s service trade. Looking back on the development history and contributions of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the past ten years, it will focus on nearly 20 outstanding physical cases independently developed by my country.

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This service trade fair not only demonstrated the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, but also demonstrated the spirit of scientific and technological exploration. Accumulated steps can lead to thousands of miles. Peng’s efforts are the wind of growth. Technological innovation has transformed countless “small steps” accumulated into various achievements that we have seen before, providing a driving force for the development of sustainable trade in services.

From the ten years to see the development –

In the past ten years, the added value of China‘s service industry has increased by 1.49 times, and the total import of services has exceeded 4 trillion US dollars; the average annual growth rate of imports and exports of service trade is 6.1%, which is twice the global growth rate; in 2021, the proportion of China‘s service trade exports in the world will increase to 5.6%… After ten years of development, the scale and influence of the Service Trade Fair has continued to expand. Now it is a “barometer” for the development of China‘s service trade, and it is also a “booster” for my country’s further opening up.

Since the service trade fair was held last year, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments have launched a number of detailed measures. Up to now, the negative list of foreign investment access in the whole country and in the pilot free trade zone has been reduced to 31 and 27 respectively, and the access restrictions in the service sector have been cancelled or relaxed; the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has come into effect and 22 new services have been added. The opening of sectors has increased the level of openness of 37 service sectors; my country’s comprehensive deepening of service trade innovation and development pilot projects have been expanded to 28 provinces, municipalities (regions), and the implementation rate of specific measures has exceeded 90%.

The in-depth reform of trade in services has been comprehensively advanced, the business environment has been more optimized, and the market vitality has become more prominent… A series of new opening-up measures have continued to achieve new progress in stages.

Features: Invisible and tangible interweaving

“After opening the digital renminbi wallet, I have used digital renminbi to buy books, and I have also placed orders on JD.com and Meituan.” An exhibitor told reporters that even the professional audience tickets for this year’s service trade fair are also through digital. Obtained from RMB ordering activities.

From skin-warming cashmere products to invisible digital renminbi, trade in services is close to and warms people’s daily lives. Every innovation in the service trade industry further contributes to the growing needs of the people for a better life.

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“At present, the JD digital renminbi system has been widely used in mobile phones with Android system. Compared with scanning code payment, you only need to ‘paste a sticker’, which is more convenient and secure in payment methods.” Li Hengbo from JD Technology According to the introduction, as of the end of July this year, the number of JD.com full-scenario digital RMB sub-wallets has reached 7.5 million, and millions of consumers have used digital RMB to pay in JD.com’s online and offline scenarios. The number of transactions exceeded 4 million, and the cumulative transaction amount reached 900 million yuan.

The reporter learned that in the special exhibition area of ​​financial services in the Shougang Park exhibition area, a number of banking companies have brought new products such as digital renminbi and digital finance, showing their intelligent risk monitoring system and whole-process intelligent risk control relying on digital technology. system.

“The real economy is the foundation of finance, and finance is the blood of the real economy. Finance and the real economy have always been in a symbiotic relationship. Serving the real economy is the foundation of finance.” Wang Yiming, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said in a statement. He said at the 2022 China International Finance Annual Forum held on September 2.

From invisible digital currency to visible shopping products; from intangible AR and VR visual experiences to virtual fittings that can be sized without going out. In the process of the development of trade in services, the invisible and the tangible are intertwined, the online and offline are integrated, and a more diverse and integrated consumption experience is coming.

Benefit: gradually appear from now on

128 thematic forums and 65 promotion and negotiation sessions… The reporter learned that more than 250,000 people have attended this service trade fair, more than the previous session. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission have respectively formed a central enterprise trading group and a central financial enterprise trading group. 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, 5 cities under separate state planning and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps continued to form local trading groups to participate in the meeting to negotiate and purchase. The quality is higher than last year.

According to preliminary statistics, up to now, the current service trade fair has achieved 1,339 achievements of various types, including 513 transaction projects, 175 investment projects, 173 initial innovation projects, 128 strategic agreements, 82 authoritative release projects, There are 26 alliance platform categories and 242 selection and recommendation categories. A number of authoritative reports such as “China Service Trade Development Report 2021″ and “China Exhibition Industry Development Report 2021″ have been released to reflect development trends and gather research results.

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These achievements are based on what we saw, heard, and felt at the event site of the Service Trade Fair, and also derived from the actual effects brought about by the urban living environment in Beijing during off-site events.

“The operation and creation of the fashion trend of the Taikoo Li-Sanlitun project has a significant attraction to the consumption of young groups. We are also considering whether to introduce the Taikoo Li project to Wuxi, and by introducing external high-quality resources to integrate, we will further improve and become better. The business card of the wonderful city of Wuxi.” Huang Wenfang, deputy director of the Commerce Bureau of Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, was one of the representatives of the service trade fair in Wuxi, and she signed up to participate in the off-site activities of Chaoyang Taikoo Li.

The surging crowd, the appropriate artistic atmosphere, the rationally planned shop structure, and the “first stop” of the interview for new brands and new shops, this Friday night tour of Taikoo Li undoubtedly made Huang Wenfang feel the boutique business district more intuitively. Influence and influence on the surrounding area.

In recent years, the benefits of trade in services have not only circulated domestically, but have also begun to take effect internationally. Up to now, the number of countries and regions that have trade in services with my country has increased to more than 200. Among them, the service trade volume with countries along the “Belt and Road” increased by 33%, with BRICS countries by 52%, and with ASEAN countries by 27%. Data from the Ministry of Commerce shows that in 2021, my country’s total import and export of services will exceed US$800 billion for the first time, a record high and a year-on-year increase of 21.4%.

“Reinvigorating international cooperation is the best way to solve the biggest challenge of the global economy, which is closely related to trade in services.” Steven Barnett, chief representative of the International Monetary Fund in China, said at the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services Trade in Services The Summit Forum on New Trends in Open Development stated that a strong and healthy global economy requires a new spirit of multilateral cooperation, and multilateral cooperation is also a key factor in promoting trade in services.

The Service Trade Fair is over, and service trade is still on the way. The mascot “Fuyan”, which has attracted much attention at this service trade fair, is about to spread its wings and hold the “olive branch” that China is always willing to expand service trade exchanges with the world to the Quartet.

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