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The world’s largest classical music library!Apple launches Apple Music Classical | Wonderful Malaysia

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The world’s largest classical music library!Apple launches Apple Music Classical | Wonderful Malaysia

If you’re a big fan of Chopin, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and more, you should be delighted that Apple has launched Apple Music Classical, a music streaming app for classical music lovers.



Apple says Apple Music Classic has more than 5 million tracks, ranging from popular albums to the most obscure and forgotten tracks of yesteryear.

If you don’t know where to start listening to classical music, you can click on the editor’s picks list.

Apple Music Classical even has an audio guide that combines expert commentary and curated compositions to introduce newcomers to the world of classical music.

Because there are so many famous tracks, Apple Music Classical also provides users with an easier way to search, compare and contrast various classical music tracks.

Users can even find thousands of exclusive albums and repertoires of some well-known orchestras.

In addition, Apple Music Classic has an improved search tool, through which users can find the tracks they are looking for in no time.

Users can search by composer, work, opus number, artist, instrument, nickname for a specific work (eg, Tchaikovsky’s The Year 1812, Solumn Overture, Op. 49).

Perhaps the biggest difference between Apple Music Classic and the regular music streaming app, however, is the revamped and redesigned user interface.

Apple says the interface makes it easy for users to know who they’re listening to, with all the necessary information appearing on the screen, including title of work, orchestra, conductor, artist and year of recording.

In addition to adding albums, tracks, playlists and artists to their personal music library, users can also add by composer and specific works.

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It also has a “Browse” tab that allows you to easily view the catalog and search by filters such as composer, instrument, period, conductor, etc.

Other notable features include brand new artwork featuring hundreds of playlist covers, and high-resolution digital portraits of many famous composers.

Apple commissioned different artists to create each portrait, which takes into account the palette and artistic references of the relevant period.

You’ll also find exclusive content from renowned classical institutions such as Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonic, London Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Opéra National de Paris and more.

Of course, you can listen to them in 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res lossless mode.

At the same time, the spatial audio with Dolby Atmos can make you feel like you are at a concert scene when you listen to the work, with 360° panoramic sound.

As long as your iPhone is running iOS 15.4 or later, you can download Apple Music Classic from the Apple App Store.

Existing Apple Music users will be able to use the app at no additional cost.

Apple Music Classical for Android is coming soon.

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