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These are the new rules

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These are the new rules

The plants should be grown there “communally” and “non-commercially” and may only be sold to club members. Financing comes from the membership fee. A maximum of 500 members are allowed per club. A maximum of 25 grams per day and a maximum of 50 grams per month may be spent per member – for those under 21, no more than 30 grams per month with a maximum THC content of ten percent. The drug may only be issued in “neutral packaging” with an instruction leaflet stating the weight, harvest date, best-before date, variety and active ingredient content.

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Cannabis club rooms and properties must be fenced off and made burglar-proof. Greenhouses need privacy protection. Every club should create a health and youth protection concept and appoint an addiction and prevention officer who must undergo training and undergo regular refresher training.

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