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Toyota Gr Supra can now also be ordered with a manual gearbox

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Toyota Gr Supra can now also be ordered with a manual gearbox

Sporty and manual. Gr Supra Model Year 2023 can also be ordered in the variant equipped with the new iMt 6-speed manual transmission.

Gr Supra: absolute driving pleasure

The sporty Gr Supra was Toyota Gazoo Racing’s first car, and since its launch in 2019 it has been the perfect embodiment of the spirit of Gr and President Akio Toyoda’s dream of producing a car that focuses solely on the pleasure of guide.
Since launch, Toyota has listened to customers and sports car enthusiasts and set out to develop a new manual gearbox designed to enhance the driving experience of drivers who love the control and benefits of precise shifting.
Its addition to the range means that Toyota is now able to offer all three of its European Gr models (Gr Yaris, Gr86 and Gr Supra) with manual transmission: all cars born from a passion for motoring and which draw directly from from the competence and experience of Toyota Gazoo Racing in motorsport.

The new manual transmission

The manual gearbox that mounts the Gr Supra was designed and tuned specifically for use with the Toyota inline six-cylinder coupe.
The engineering team was able to modify the existing transmission housing, driveshaft and gear assembly and remove unnecessary elements, such as soundproofing material, which further reduced weight.
The heart of the transmission is a newly developed clutch with a larger diameter and a reinforced diaphragm spring. With a larger friction area and a stiffer spring, this new component has performance appropriate to the high torque of the Gr Supra.
The iMt is active by default but can be deactivated in sport mode on driver input.

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Range and set-ups

Since launch, the Gr Supra has been offered with a 340hp 3-liter six-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission.
The following year, a new 2-liter 258 hp engine was added, again with robotic transmission as standard.
To date, the Gr Supra range includes two engines and three trim levels.
The 2.0-liter 258 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque is available in the Sport set-up exclusively in combination with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. Among the main standard equipment we find the 18-inch alloy wheels, the Toyota Supra Safety package of safety systems, multimedia system with 8.8-inch screen, satellite navigation and smartphone integration, active rear differential, electronically controlled suspension and Alcantara interior with heated seats.
The 3.0-liter straight-six, capable of delivering 340 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, is offered both in the Lightweight set-up with the new six-speed iMT manual gearbox and in the Premium Sport version with eight-speed automatic transmission.

A lighter version

Toyota took the opportunity of the weight savings achieved with the new manual transmission to add a new even lighter model to the Gr Supra range.
The Lightweight version, thanks to numerous technical solutions developed by Toyota engineers, guarantees a weight saving of 40 kg compared to other versions, without sacrificing however in terms of comfort and equipment.
In addition to the 2.0 Sport we find 19-inch alloy wheels with exclusive design, Head Up Display, Blind Spot Monitor and adaptive cruise control.
With a view to maximum weight reduction, in this case the driver’s seat is manually adjustable and without lumbar support or heating, features however present on the Premium Sport set-up, coupled in this case to the 8-speed automatic transmission.

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