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TSMC sets up factory in Japan to promote “Taiwan-Japan comradeship” and strengthen economic security

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**Title: TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin Partners with Japanese Prime Minister to Build Semiconductor Supply Chain in Japan**

In a strategic move to strengthen economic security and ensure supply chain resilience, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin announced plans to collaborate with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in building a semiconductor supply chain on Kyushu Island. The establishment of the new wafer fab in Japan signifies a significant milestone in the relationship between Taiwan and Japan, as they work together to enhance their semiconductor industries.

The opening ceremony of TSMC’s Japan Kumamoto wafer fab JASM marked the beginning of this partnership, with the Japanese government offering substantial subsidies to support the venture. The move is seen as a step towards boosting the global chip supply chain and enhancing the economic security of both countries.

Experts view this cooperation as a vital initiative in the face of increasing geopolitical tensions and trade conflicts. TSMC’s investment in Japan’s semiconductor industry is expected to enhance the region’s competitiveness and reduce dependence on other countries for critical technologies.

The establishment of a new semiconductor factory in Japan has sparked discussions about the impact on the international political and economic landscape. While Japanese officials emphasize the importance of securing the semiconductor supply chain, experts highlight the implications for China and the global market.

As Taiwan and Japan strengthen their collaboration in the semiconductor sector, concerns arise about potential reactions from China. Industry insiders speculate on the impact of TSMC’s expansion on China’s semiconductor industry and the need for strategic planning to address the evolving dynamics of the supply chain.

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Overall, the partnership between TSMC and Japan reflects a growing trend towards regional cooperation in the semiconductor industry. As countries focus on enhancing their economic security and technological capabilities, the Taiwan-Japan alliance sets a new standard for international collaboration in the semiconductor sector.

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