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US Dollar Depreciates for Second Consecutive Time on Friday

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US Dollar Depreciates for Second Consecutive Time on Friday

This Friday the US currency shows a depreciation in value for the second consecutive time

By: Luis Flores

According to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), the price of the dollar in Mexico today, Friday, September 8, decreased in the exchange market due to signals from some members of the FED (United States Federal Reserve System), who indicated that the interest rate can remain at current levels for longer.

The president of the Fed in New York, John Williams, said that monetary policy is in the right place. He also stated that the policy is generating an equilibrium between demand and supply, in addition to alleviating inflationary pressures.

So far this year, the Mexican peso has appreciated at 1.61 percent against the greenback. During this period, the average price has been at 17.85, with a high of 19.50 and a low of 16.69.

Banxico announced that today the dollar in Mexico is available for purchase at 16.6816 and for sale at $17.74 per unit.


Banco de México FIX: Buy $18.8824 – Sell: $18.8824

Banco Azteca: Buy: $17.96 – Sell: $20.19

BBVA: Buy: $17.15 – Sell: $19.46

Inbursa: Buy: $18.00 – Sell: $20.00

Banorte: Buy: $18.31 – Sell: $19.21

Santander: Buy: $19.30 – Sell: $20.50

Banregio: Buy: $19.10 – Sell: $20.70

Banbajío: Buy: $19.31 – Sell: $20.63

Exchange: Buy: $18.36 – Sell: $19.37

Monex: Buy: $17.92 – Sell: $19.82

Scotiabank: Buy: $17.60 – Sell: $19.90

Citibanamex: Buy: $18.61 – Sell: $19.11


1. Affirm: The dollar is quoted at 16.59 pesos for purchase and 18.09 pesos for sale.

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2. Azteca Bank: The dollar is quoted at 16.54 pesos for purchase and 17.58 pesos for sale.

3. Banorte: The dollar is listed at 16.41 pesos for purchase and 17.86 pesos for sale.

4. BBVA Bancomer: The dollar is listed at 16.93 pesos for purchase and 17.83 pesos for sale.

5. Citibanamex: The dollar is quoted at 17.03 pesos for purchase and 18.03 pesos for sale.

6. Exchange: The dollar is priced at 16.94 pesos for purchase and 17.96 pesos for sale.

7. Monex: The dollar is quoted at 16.69 pesos for purchase and 18.46 pesos for sale.

8. Scotiabank: The dollar is quoted at 16.31 pesos for purchase and 18.20 pesos for sale.

9. BX+: The dollar is listed at 16.97 pesos for purchase and 18.19 pesos for sale.

For this day, Friday, September 8, the best bank to sell dollars is Banorte. To buy them is Banco Azteca.

You have to remember that the price of the dollar is updated throughout the day.

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