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West China Securities: New Energy Vehicle Sales and Power Battery Exports See Significant Growth in August

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Title: New Energy Vehicle Sales Surge in August, Power Battery Exports Soar: West China Securities

Subtitle: Domestic and European Markets Drive Growth in the New Energy Vehicle Industry

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In a recent report released by West China Securities, it has been revealed that the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry witnessed significant growth in sales and exports in August. The domestic market experienced a boost in production and sales, while European countries saw a remarkable increase in NEV sales. Additionally, power battery exports from China also registered a steep increase during the same period.

New Energy Vehicles: Domestic and European Markets Drive Growth

According to the report, domestic NEV production reached 843,000 units in August, representing a month-on-month increase of 22.0% and 4.7% respectively. Sales volume also witnessed a surge, with 846,000 units sold during the same period, reflecting a month-on-month increase of 27.0% and 8.5%. The penetration rate of NEVs in the domestic market reached 32.8%, indicating a growth of 4.9 percentage points compared to the previous month.

In Europe, eight countries collectively achieved a total of 199,000 NEV sales in August, marking a significant year-on-year increase of 63.9% and a month-on-month increase of 17.5%. The penetration rate in European markets reached 29.7%, demonstrating a year-on-year increase of 6.8 percentage points and a month-on-month increase of 7.9 percentage points. The United States also witnessed a surge in NEV sales, with 135,000 units sold, representing a year-on-year increase of 62.9% and a month-on-month increase of 3.0%.

Power Battery Exports Witness Significant Growth

The report highlights that the power battery market in China continues to thrive, with iron-lithium batteries accounting for nearly 70% of the installed capacity. The domestic installed power battery capacity witnessed a month-on-month increase of 25.7% and 8.2% respectively in August, reaching 34.9GWh. From January to August, the installed capacity reached 219.2GWh, reflecting a year-on-year increase of 35.3%. Notably, lithium iron phosphate batteries accounted for 68.3% of the cumulative total installed capacity, with an installed capacity of 149.6GWh, representing a year-on-year increase of 56.0%.

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The top 5 and top 10 power battery companies accounted for an impressive 81.3%, 89.4%, and 97.5% of the total installed capacity, respectively, indicating a highly concentrated industry. Furthermore, China’s power battery manufacturers witnessed a substantial increase in exports, with cumulative exports reaching 78.8GWh from January to August, marking a year-on-year increase of 135.9%.

Investment Advice

West China Securities concludes the report by offering investment advice in the NEV and power battery sectors. The short-term outlook suggests an increase in output due to the traditional peak season in the second half of the year. In the medium to long term, the report emphasizes the importance of high-quality supply and the accelerated penetration of NEVs worldwide. Technological innovations, such as composite current collectors, fast charging, and new battery types, are expected to further improve performance, cost, and safety.

Beneficiary Targets and Risk Warning

The report identifies several companies as potential beneficiaries of the industry’s growth, including CATL, Tianci Materials, Rujing Technology, and Putilai, among others.

However, the report also highlights certain risks, including policy changes, lower-than-expected demand for NEVs, global NEV development falling short, worsening supply and demand patterns, fluctuating raw material prices, and technological development not meeting expectations.

In conclusion, the new energy vehicle industry experienced substantial growth in August, both domestically and in European markets. Alongside this, China’s power battery exports witnessed rapid expansion. With positive growth indicators and promising investment opportunities, the NEV industry continues to march forward, providing a greener and more sustainable future.

Note: This news article is based on information from a report released by West China Securities and should not be considered financial advice. Please conduct thorough research and consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.

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