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When it was listed, it was hotly asked three times. Moutai 1935 disrupted the thousand-yuan market

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Original title: The listing was hotly hyped, and Moutai 1935 disrupted the thousand-yuan market

China Business Daily (reporter Zhou Ziyi / photo)Following the listing of Chinese zodiac wine, on the evening of January 18, Moutai launched a new product, 1935, with a retail guide price of 1,188 yuan per bottle, grabbing the thousand-yuan liquor market. The market price of Moutai 1935, which has just announced its price, has risen to 1,650 yuan/bottle, and even in other terminal channels, the product has been hyped to 1,800 yuan/bottle. Moutai’s move has attracted much market attention, and it has also attracted a lot of doubts.

Feitian Moutai showcase in a supermarket in Beijing

One question: What are the odds of disrupting the thousand-yuan market?

Why was Maotai 1935 so hot? Li Hao (pseudonym), a collector of Moutai liquor, told a reporter from China Business Daily that Moutai 1935 was hotly hyped because the product just came out and consumers felt it was fresh.

It is worth noting that because the retail price of Maotai’s big single product Feitian Moutai is more than 2,500 yuan per bottle, the price of Maotai zodiac wine, fine wine and other products is higher, while the price of Maotai prince wine, Maotai welcome wine and Han sauce is higher. The Maotai series of wines are all priced at a few hundred yuan, so in the price range of 1,000-2,000 yuan, Maotai has never had a product footprint. The Maotai 1935 listed this time is considered to be the first product in the thousand-yuan price band of Maotai.

However, this price segment is currently highly competitive. Many products, including classic Wuliangye, Guojiao 1573, Qinghualang, etc., have been established here for many years, and these products are the star items made by several old famous wineries. What are the chances of Maotai 1935 as a series of Maotai wines trying to snipe the “Wuliangye”?

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Li Hao told the China Business Daily reporter frankly that consumers choose Feitian Moutai for business banquets because of its “high quality”, and Moutai’s second-class wines are not as good as Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao and other first-class wines in this respect, so Moutai 1935 It cannot shake the status of classic Wuliangye, Guojiao 1573, etc., and it is difficult to grab market share with them.

Liquor analyst and general manager of Zhiqu Consulting, Cai Xuefei, analyzed the reporter from China Business Daily that Moutai 1935 is only a series of wine after all, and its brand power is relatively weaker than that of classic Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573, while high-end liquor sells a brand, so Moutai 1935 is relatively weaker than that of classic Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573. The market advantage of “Wuliangye” in the thousand-yuan price band is difficult to show.

Second question: Is it Maotai’s “disguised price increase”?

In fact, before that, Maotai had launched a number of products, which were questioned by the market as “disguised price increases”.

“Moutai 1935 is likely to be an upgrade of Zunyi 1935. Zunyi 1935 was only priced at four or five hundred yuan before, but production was discontinued. Now Moutai 1935 is priced as high as 1188 yuan per bottle, and the retail price is also higher. “Price increase in disguised form”.” Wang Wenying (pseudonym), a channel merchant who has been engaged in the Moutai liquor business for a long time, told a reporter from China Business Daily.

However, Cai Xuefei believes that the concept of Zunyi 1935 is the main red culture, and Maotai will definitely occupy a place. The launch of Maotai 1935 is to harvest the previous market, and the two products should have nothing to do with each other. Zhang Haoran, a sauce wine practitioner and secretary-general of the Shimaijia Wine Research Institute, also mentioned to the China Business Daily reporter that Maotai 1935 is a different operating entity from the previous Zunyi 1935. The previous Zunyi 1935 can be regarded as a brand development, and Maotai invested in it. energy and cost are limited. That is to say, Maotai 1935 only harvested the sales market of Zunyi 1935, but it was not an upgraded version of it.

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Even so, Moutai’s frequent high-priced new products are seen as measures to improve the company’s profits. During the New Year’s Day this year, Moutai raised the prices of its products, Moutai Treasures and Moutai 15 Years, by 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan per bottle respectively. The former is realized by launching new products.

In recent years, although Moutai has not directly raised the ex-factory price of Feitian Moutai, it has achieved a “disguised price increase” by expanding the proportion of self-operated channels and increasing the sales of Moutai’s fine wine. “After August 2021, the volume of Moutai’s fine wine will increase significantly, and then the price increase of wine in the following years is equivalent to the company’s launch of major items other than Feitian Moutai. These measures can improve Moutai’s profits, which is equivalent to Moutai’s indirect increase. price.” Wang Wenying said.

Three questions: Is it a prelude to Feitian Maotai’s price increase?

The price increase of Feitian Moutai has always attracted much attention. The price of Maotai 1935 is between Maotai series wine and Feitian Maotai. Its listing is considered to be Maotai paving the way for Feitian Maotai to increase its price.

Wang Wenying revealed that the retail price of Moutai 1935 in the follow-up market is estimated to be maintained between 1500-1600 yuan/bottle, which is slightly higher than the retail price guide price of Feitian Moutai. The market retail price will be more stable, so the listing of Maotai 1935 also paved the way for the subsequent price increase of Feitian Maotai.

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Xiao Zhuqing, a liquor analyst and chairman of Wuhan Jingkui Technology Co., Ltd., told a reporter from China Business Daily that the listing of Moutai 1935 can serve as a foundation for the subsequent price increase of Feitian Moutai. Because the current production capacity of Moutai is limited, it can only push up the value-added products, and the listing of these high-value-added products can create heat and make the market form high expectations for the price increase of Maotai, thus creating momentum for the subsequent price increase of Feitian Maotai.

Liquor analyst and director of Zhongyuan Fund Jin Yufeng also told a reporter from China Business Daily that the listing of Maotai in 1935 does not rule out that Feitian Maotai is about to increase its price, and Maotai will make up for it in advance. Referring to the past time nodes, it is also a good choice to increase the price after the Spring Festival, because the dealers only have a small part of the goods that arrive before the Spring Festival, and the inventory should not be large. Zhang Haoran also believes that the listing of Maotai 1935 is a pressure release for Feitian Maotai’s price increase, making the subsequent Feitian Maotai price increase appear more rational.Return to Sohu, see more


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